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A Choice

Poke underneath my skin and you will find
a place of tenderness that’s sensitive.
Emotions hide there out of sight, yea, live
beneath your vision, keeping your eyes blind.

You talk with me and you would never know
this hurt exists and stabs its piercing knife
into my every day. I cover strife
with laughter. No, these feelings must not show.

I am a puppeteer who pulls the string
to dance and act through daytime valleys low.
The disappointments shout in loud voice, flow
around me like a river’s current, bring

a shadow over sunshine. I ignore
them, favor joy that knocks upon my door.


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How Are you All?

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I just spent 2 hours or better hitting I don’t know how many of my beloved followers and probably barely scratched the surface if I have not been by I promise I will try :)

I have been painting everyday but 3 this month I just wish they were all masterpieces :) can not wait till I can sit and take my time on a piece but for now they just keep coming out of me so I am going with the flow and trying to learn when to stop.

I go out daily 5 or more times with my girl and we play Frisbee and I take a camera out to walk with us.  This place is a jungle as well as a ZOO!!!  We are never at a loss of things happening here.

I actually left her home the other night :( we have been inseparable maybe since…

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Summer Lilies

They say deer eat these mine are all still healthy

Summers lilies of pumpkin gold

waving softly in the wind

The black seeds perched

precariously at the center of every leaf.


I wonder-which wisp of wind

will scatter seeds and where will they land?

Will they hang on drying slowly

until fall finally wilts the plant?


The fuzzy stamens, tempting new life-

why do the seeds form down the branch,

when the stamens and ovulates

rest within the velvety soft flower?


Each tiny gift nature has given

develops its own ways,

keeps its mystical secrets,

reminds us that every living thing.


is special, unique, magical.

Look at a daisy, a lily, a daffodil,

every one with its own way to reproduce,

Life itself holds infinite recipes.


Every flower shares it beauty,

to observe and enjoy is a gift

free and simple, there for the taking.

The finest things in life ARE free!


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Unwelcome Land

An upcoming emotional terrain
awaits and I withhold my sacred breath.
Breathe now with unfamiliar shallow strain
as feelings might well drown and cause my death.

Outside of me these circumstances live
with roots that hold the ancient tree up strong.
Inside I argue, hoping they will give
in, weaken and let loose to right this wrong.

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Mid July

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

So what is new in your world?  My life is quiet but never boring :)

Wildlife visit in droves even with hundreds of acres of land surrounding me they still want to be up close and personal with me lol what’s up with that!  I was outside just now talking on the phone with Mom she is doing awesome by the way she may drive tomorrow when I get down there, and I had 6 huge male wild turkey making pretty sounds talking to me asking for seed :)  even with the dog and cat there they knew they were safe I like the young being brought here and calling my place home but I sent them off to search for ants and beetles ticks too like wild turkeys are supposed to do. Yesterday before heavy rains began to fall they were along the edge of the property here pulling…

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