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Your Mission Has Come To An End – Sathya Sai Memories

Originally posted on Children Of Light:

Isaac's Krishna with flowersIsaac’s Krishna with flowers

After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.  Gen.3.24

On my visit to Puttaparthi this year, I noticed so many changes. Gone were most of the small cafés I’d enjoyed eating in. Gone too was the prettiness of the ashram. The huge concrete buildings were in need of a lick of paint, the pathways that meandered around the darshan area, all were in need of repair. It was noisy. I remember one day a young seva dal worker walked up and down the walkway in East Prashanthi, with a placard that read: “Please be quite.” There seemed to be such a lack of awareness that this was supposed to be a place of peace, quiet, and reverence.


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We Are Owed Dollars Ten Point Seven Trillion! Yep! Take Note!

Originally posted on Children Of Light:


Hope you all tune in on the 29th July to hear Bernie Sanders. :)



“We should all be far better off!”  Of course Bernie Sanders is right. Why on earth didn’t we see it for ourselves? Are we all blind, deaf and dumb? No, but we are easily distracted by meaningless stimuli of a world preoccupied with meaningless things, and while we played musical chairs to a pied-piper’s tune, the elite stole our wealth!  We have forfeited the present generation’s wealth too and they are going to want answers. We are like a dog running after its own tail, endlessly chasing that what can’t be had, that is a fair share of the world’s wealth as was promised, if we worked hard. And what is more, we have been brought to our knees with austerity measures that hit hard anyone on a fixed income or those who…

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My womb was once fertile

alive with promise and purpose

inside I could feel each cell as it connected and took root to my nerves

inwardly feeding on my energy until only beauty emerged

And now, what is this?

This state?


Your fruit is bare

Your nectar stale and bitter

What happened?

Did you grow old and wither?

I still visit the garden at night and tend your forgotten roses

I hope one day to see again the petals bloom among the thorns

The Beauty of You

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Celebrating Life

The world needs to know
the beauty of you,
the soft lines
of the tears you cry
when you think no one
is watching,
the hard lines engraved
by the myriad of tragedies,
large and small,
that form the rugged map
of your heart.

Bare it all,
show them who you are
under the pain mask,
in the spotlight
naked as the day
you were born,
show them your heart,
let them tread upon it
and then love them even more,
love you, in all your splendorous,
naked glory,
love you even more,
shatter the mask
and show the world
the love you hide within

©SpiritLed 2015

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I See You

Originally posted on Spirit Led:


I see you,
behind your veil of sadness
behind your hair
behind that wall
erected all those years ago
to protect the world from your feelings.
How’s that working for you now?
Does staying small and hiding
meet your needs?
Do you shrink at the slightest opportunity
to be a real person
with real feelings,
to be authentic in the face
of great sorrow
and great joy?
Do you let the world pass by
peeking safely through
the inevitable cracks
formed through years of chipping away
but never fully through
your fortress of invisibility?
Do your fears that mask the sadness
allow you to follow your dreams,
or do they keep you tied up,
wondering if things will ever change
if you always stay the same,
until one day someone says
without fear or hesitation,
with love in their eyes,
I See You.
I see the beauty
you think you…

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