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This was the sweet spot. Late afternoon, when the sun slanted her golden light across the land and made everything suddenly more beautiful and vibrant with color. Today blades of late summer hay glowed like they were rays of the sun, too.

Joe never missed afternoon light.

She held her position, crouched among the hay, heels digging into the soft earth. Camera ready. A butterfly was perched on one blade, its black wings specked with cornflower blue. Joe’s heart raced just a little faster, excited to catch the shot. Breathing quietly, she watched the butterfly flutter her wings. She slowed time and pushed down on the shutter.

And the neighbor’s six-year old son squealed from across the field. Joe’s focus buckled and she looked in the direction of the house. When she looked back, her butterfly was gone. Joe cursed under her breath. She cursed when her father sold that plot of land to city folk, and cursed again when they built a three-story summer home on it. A place to get away from the city, they said, cultured voices dripping with pretension. Joe hated city folk.

Maybe I still got the shot, she assured herself.

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Lavender Teeth

Originally posted on Songs of Fragile Thunder:

The sharp mint of lavender with their hands and feet. It’s a dance of the sway. The back and forth, and the two-timing tang of snapping twigs, plucking nails. “A few” means “take many”. My lily pad fingers crunch a purple lavender bud, while tennis shoes and stroller wheel feet fly by like kites in headwind. The lavender sways in the drifting breeze, as if urging me to dance with them. I’m a wayward flier, I’m a pool’s reflection after a heavy mint rain. The crevices on my palms don’t know the meaning of “goodbye” and “hello”. The front porch of my two-bedroom house doesn’t speak the same language, doesn’t hold the same tongue. I coax out the wheezing muscle using my sharpened fingers and lavender-crushed palm lines. Feet whirl past like paper-thin dragonfly’s wings. I hold out a sacred offering of lavender to the sun-caressed world. I would like…

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