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Five Minute Poem #4

The news is always nonchalant

Weather on the plains
Weather on the coast
Weather on the battle field

Stock futures up
Stock futures down
Rockets up
Rockets down

The dog was lost yesterday
And the peace was lost
Last week
Both were found dead
With service information to follow

Human interest
So bland

Tomorrow's weather forecast:



(c) 2014 Norman Dziedzic Jr.

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Diamond Town

Originally posted on Songs of Fragile Thunder:

Hello everyone! I’m back from CSSSA and it was absolutely amazing. The people, teachers, and environment there were the best I had ever been in and I am so incredibly glad that I got to participate in a program like that. Really encourage anyone who is able to apply to do so! 

Before I post anything that I wrote during my time/after I came back, I decided to post this one poem I wrote which was the very first poetry assignment (aka the very first thing I wrote there, which is pretty special). It not only symbolizes the start of my growth as a writer, but it is also an Identity poem, so it’s one of the most personal things I’ve ever written. Enjoy!

Diamond Town

She grew up in a house of antiques and
sharp-tongued guardians with velvet coats.
Their mouths promised discipline, their hands
spoke a different language…

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NEW ANTHOLOGY: Submissions Needed!

Originally posted on Songs of Fragile Thunder:

Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to announce that my friend Margaret and I have created our own literary anthology called The Glass Kite Anthology.

Our aim is to publish the most poignant, raw, and thought-provoking literary pieces. The idea began after Margaret and I discovered some truly spectacular works by young writers that we felt deserved public attention, yet remained undiscovered by most.
We believe that age doesn’t matter and want to focus more on content rather than just a mere biological number. That’s why we will be accepting submissions from writers of all different ages: whether you’re eight years old, or 98. We will be accepting poery and prose of any kind, as well as visual art pieces that can be viewed in a 2D format. I know all of you on WordPress are really amazing writers and we would really love your submissions! We would also appreciate it…

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