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14 Words

Today’s my birthday.
I think about the gift
of what friends mean to me.

Each snowflake,
softly falling here in Michigan,
returns to me again your gentle voice.

I watch the hour hand crawl slowly,
silently around
while I wait for you.

Come simply, unencumbered,
nothing fancy,
and we will make lace,
sewing our souls together.

I cannot get along without sweet words.
Let’s exchange them.
Here, I offer mine.

A little message of love
this Valentines Day
to you, friend I haven’t met.

May this tiny spark
of friendship light your heart
with love on Valentines Day.

Walk with head held high.
You are one indeed,
like no other, beautiful,

I see your face in candlelight
even when we’re not together,
and I remember.

You are, like a book,
full of surprises,
and I love turning the pages.

Shh…listen to the sounds of earth
whispering their songs to us.
Such music!

In my jewelry box I found
the old ticket to prom.
Remember those days?

My guest room has fresh yellow flowers,
crisp linens.
Dinner’s cooking.
Come on in.

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14 Words

While you sleep
I watch your steady breathing.
What would I do without you?

I know your voice in silence,
your motion in stillness,
the essence of you.

The world is richer
because you’re in it.
You chose my world.
I’m glad.

To share my life with you
is gift beyond imagining,
yet here we are.

When I was sad
you came, poured us tea,
and listened to my tears.

How did you learn
to know me so well,
every mood, shade, and nuance?

I think of that time
when you said nothing,
just held my hand warmly.


14 Words

Compassion and respect,
both components of love,
and, yes, I see them in you.

Taking steps down peace paths
will change our world
in ways we can’t imagine.

You go out of your way
for me. I don’t know why.
Thank you.

Let’s open our eyes
to the possibilities for peace
when we look for goodness.


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14 Words

My mother,
bringer of love,
taught me the important lessons.
O Mom, thank you.

Let me be a conduit
of love,
wiring the light to overcome black midnight.

I seek containers
into which to pour
gallons of love.
Hold out your cup.

Have you thought
that love is math?
Your heart, my heart–
the right answer.

I see grace in your eyes,
confidence in your step.
Come be my friend.

I prepare the coffee,
set out square plates,
bring cloth napkins
just for us.

Turn the lights low,
turn the world off.
Let us hear our own music.

14 Words

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
Keep shining, please, stay bright.

God portioned out the sunbeams.
You are His glory reflected as in a mirror.

I think of friends as charms
on my bracelet.
Tell me, which are you?

I choose music, books,
pines, children, love.
I wonder what is precious to you.

Created to be special you,
individual, one of a kind,
you color the world.

Sounds of love come softly,
the memories of your words
echoing through my heart.

Thank you for the little things,
those joys with small smiles
I keep forever.

How do you know
just what I need?
You tune in so quietly, knowingly.

Love is a soft friend
padding through the hidden-away spaces
in my heart.

Come, hold my hand.
Together we can brave the cold
and bring on spring.

If you would stay
close by my side,
I could overcome my daily challenges.

Look around.
See the small things.
Let them speak to you,
bringing their joy.

Your laugh fills me
like a balloon with air.
Never be silent. Laugh on.

What do you think about
when nighttime shades your windowsill?
I think of you.

Treasures accrue.
Just look around. Coins wait for your taking.
We count our gold.

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14 Words

I do not know your name,
my friend, but I can call you sister.

Are you in need of a friend?
So am I. Where shall we meet?

I hear your poignant song in the night
and want to sing the harmony.

Kindness–a little goes a long way.
Here, I’m tossing some in your direction.

Lace hearts, red boxes of chocolate,
even roses–
not as good as your hugs.

I feel the beat of love
coursing through my heart
and want to share.


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