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Sky’s The Limit Photo Challenge: Dust Storm

I had not planned on submitting a photo to this week’s challenge because I honestly couldn’t think of any wacky or awe-inspiring photos that I’ve taken.  After a little bit of  encouragement from Tim Z. Auto, it occurred to me that the recent photos I shared on my blog of a massive dust storm that rolled through my area was pretty awe-inspiring.

Haboob rolling through Mesa, AZ near Hohokam Stadium. July 21, 2012

Yep. That is all dirt and wind.  I had to outrun/ out-drive this thing to stay just ahead of it and get inside.

The Sky’s the Limit Photo Challenge~Birthday Flash


The cake has so many candles that it has its own halo!

The electric company will need to reimburse the homeowners.  That cake is generating its own electricity.

It is too hot in the room. Even the birthday girl has to leave!





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