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20 lines or less weekly photo challenge

The sky’s the limit 


Lets see what ya got ….. Please enter the wackiest, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing photo you have …

As always we want everyone to enter , we all are winners just for entering ..,please post to this blog if you can , if not post a link to these comments . I will post for you ..Please follow this blog to keep up on all the updates to our challenges . Also please reblog this post to all of your respective blogs . Thank you all for playing and bless you all


20 Lines Photo Challenge: Crazy photos…The Sky’s the limit

Okay Tim…seems like I recall you saying something about crazy photos, and I believe this is the craziest I have.  It was originally a picture of me standing in front of some rapids on a river in Tennessee…a little photoshop magic and…well, no drugs were involved in this project. LOL…who needs ’em when you’re me? :D


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


My representation of inside; this is inside of a lecture hall at the University of Ghana Language Centre.
We had gathered to listen to a presentation by Prof. J. Oppong from the University of North Texas (UNT). The presentation was about postgraduate opportunities in his school.
He had barley started his presentation when my colleague and I were summoned back to the office for an urgent meeting. Didn’t get to hear much other than the advice that one should contact a professor in the desired university to establish some rapport before applying. It is to obtain some assurance of supervision when finally granted the admission. It also helps your admission to be handpicked from the pool.

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20 lines or less weekly photo challenge (timzauto)







Micheal Waltrip signing my hat in Bristol Tenn. 


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Its Bristol Baby ….



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