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Striving for happiness..

We move without thinking
Our lives clash without a thought
demeanor come in all colors
To be happy is what we sought

Looking back It comes so freely
Our future is hard to see
We struggle with our present
We just can’t let it be

Worry is the main affliction
So hard to turn it down
Most days we paint a smile on
On the inside it’s just a frown

I move in ways of secrecy
Not wanting to be seen
Never knowing exactly what I want
I’m always in between


Glittering eyes


Who Fears the Devil?

Who Fears the Devil? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


frozen like statues


her breathing warms my mind


the feeling of slight  movement


a joy , that’s one of a kind


the calm of continued silence


glittering eyes that say it all


soul slightly leaves my body


my skin begins to crawl


memory’s flash and then again


a prevailing fear  returns


joy has changed , this fears mundane


my conscience begins to burn


















my way

Venus Doom

Venus Doom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nonsensical my day today

another anticipated soon

diabolical in form

as we all hide from doom

sights are all confusing

we all do what they say

never really thinking

how we can change today

my  next real day

as soon as it comes

i will change my way

and see how it becomes



Red sunset

Red sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




the sunset has changed


in my eyes 


 my mind 


never feeling the highs







year of retention


chill in the air

it comes as we sleep

another years awareness

I’m trying to keep

some being easy

some being hard

some fight retention

some that are scarred

daily battles move forward

I sometimes look back

most days are smooth

some under attack

friends change around me

I have no control

change on the surface

there’s change in my soul



floating in space



sitting in space

my mind is a blur

as thinking flies through me

I try to transfer

excitement is hanging

calmness is tame

memory being sporadic

existence  is framed

watching from outside

I see what to do

making the connection

then its withdrew

fear that controls me

I can’t seem to appease

I’m lost and I’m floating

waiting to seize





window of my soul

the day goes by

it’s a light that I see

like a window to the future

I know what will be

passions growing wilder

my soul gets reborn

never looking back

on reflections of scorn

my soul has a new window

the glass clean and clear

my new days are reeling

i see my new frontier


You Found Me Beautiful Once

I never found
myself beautiful,
but there was a time
you would stare at me
without saying a word,
a lost expression on lips
fumbling a frown,
and when asked
what are you looking at,
you reply simply,
“The girl that’s going
to break my heart.”


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