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2013: Warm Wishes for the New Year

Please pardon the reflection.

2012 was a year of cliff diving for me.  Not literal cliffs, not yet, but metaphorical ones, in the form of one life change after another.  Over the last five years, I have been life-building, I guess you could call it, and 2012 was a culmination of events and leaps of faith that had I not have the amazing people in my life that are there, maybe never would have done.

And I started this blog.

You all have touched my life in ways you might never know — but hopefully I have told you, at least at some point, whether we shared a conversation in e-mail, or in comments on a post …  This place has become a village in my heart, and that is because of you all, because of your contribution and presence here, because of the fact that your art and words and language and dreams and the things you see and think to share with us all live here, too.

I appreciate every one of you.

I haven’t been writing much lately — there is a new job beginning and the attendant responsibilities, and I am still working up the nerve for higher cliffs, mind you.  Growth requires us to keep setting higher goals.

I hope the New Year has started off peacefully and with love touching your life.  2013 promises to be a beautiful year full of challenges and goals, successes and obstacles to overcome.  Work hard.  Write.  Share yourself with us.  Be nurtured here in whatever ways soothe your inner artist and inspire you to create.

And as ever, thank you.

Warmest wishes to each of you, contributors, authors, friends, and readers alike,
whether you come every day or stop by when life grants you brief respite.



With love,





New Year!

This is a very short post.

I would just like to wish all my fellow authors/contributors and readers here at 20 lines a day, a very Happy New Year!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately but what can I do?- it seems to me as if I am losing my poetic voice… Leave that aside, you can still find me sharing bits of my life at my home blog.

I joined this wonderful community of writers/poets/artists/photographers in the year 2012 and I find great pleasure in telling you all that that was the best thing I did in the whole year.

Cheers! Keep writing! Keep reading!


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