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JT’s Adventures ……part one

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

JT Close-up

Well by now most of you know our JT (Jess-Tex) at least in photos.  She is our Border Collie and no we do not have a farm.

I have shared my life with fourteen dogs five of which were part of a litter that went on to new homes where they were adored family members.

This dog above was born at a friend’s home,  the male  her father was from Texas and they drove from Vermont to pick him up.  JT’s mother was a dog that was dropped off at their place in Vermont.  Gorgeous lighter Gray with white.  She was scared who knows the kind of life had she lead.

JT was like the runt with a not so perfect face marking and it was just her sister and her no one had chosen to be theirs.

Now I wanted no more dogs but here were the two prettiest…

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Poetry Challenge

The challenge would be for a poet, to answer the interview questions in the form of a poem:

What type of books do you write? (Course poetry, but what type)
What is the latest book you have written?
Is it part of a series, if so which one?
When did you start writing?
Why did you start writing?
Who are your influences?
What can we expect from you in the near future? Book signing events, other details

I will add it to my blog, and include it in a seperate section.

Further details on my blog, http://thehighsthelowstheinbetweens.wordpress.com/
Good luck!

How much different would it be?

Just a prickly sickly thought,

What if the world was that of, 

Harry Potter or even Percy Jackson?

What if it was all an adventure,

The games of life being played.

Well, how much different would it be?

Because in the present context as well,

There are the games,

Being played,

For life and never forget those,

Being played by life.

Just a simple plain thought,

What if the world becomes the same,

As the world of Potter or Jackson?

How much different would it be?

Now that is a lol pic! :D

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Our Happiness…

I look around as I walk in the sun

remembering many times we had  fun

there isn’t a cloud up in the sky

in a concerning  instant I wonder why

is there some reason for life’s quest

or is it for me to just try my best

I want one thing , to get over this mess

with you to enjoy , our own happiness



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Giving up the future…another short story

The road was blazing , the heat extreme . It was August 3 2005 it was the hottest day of the year so far . Sweat had soaked the shirt I wore , the seat behind me wet to the touch . The air conditioning was broken in my 23-year-old red Pontiac . I drove down the crowded interstate with everything I owned . The hustle of the beach people coming and going , happen every year as more and more tourist fled to the hot beaches. The move was needed , my presence in Five points city was beginning to be hazardous to my health . I was a two-time loser in marriage , addicted to drugs , stealing to keep it alive . I knew if I unplugged from my surroundings , the abstinence from drugs would be easier . I wanted to quit so bad , willpower , friends and lifestyle held me back , I knew this . The biggest problem with moving back to Boxley hills , is my first wife lived there . Thinking things would be different , we have been apart for several years now , I pressed on for a new life . I had lived in Boxley hills twice before , once with my wife , another time after being discharged from the armed forces .

Five points city was like most , thriving with jobs , money and corruption . I had seen my share , the first day I spent in the city a random person I was talking with told me without prejudice , turn around and go back where you came from . I wished as I drove down the road I would have listened . Thinking back I made so many mistakes , some against the law , many against the values most find normal to their existence. I started out a goal oriented person , quickly changed into the portion of society thought as outlaws .

to be continued …….

Here I tell a man’s story…

Here I tell a man’s story-

How he unleashed the power,

And achieved his glory.

Despite of the prevalent blood shower.


The man was adventurous,

Looking for the gold,

That is the most lustrous,

Which requires him to be quite bold.


He reached the bloody land.

Where there were present the relics of war,

He dug up the sand,

Till he reach the earth’s core.


Astounded, he found the big egg,

Made up of pure gold,

Without anyone’s reg,

He touched it, so cold.


The thunder rocked the sky-

And descended a big creature,

Scared, darkened color of deep fry,

And that very much tells about his feature.


The man, once terrified,

Did not know what to do,

And even cried,

And even peed, but not in the loo.


The creature sensed fear,

And spoke as if wanting man to adhere-

“Oh My Dear!

How dare you touch this sphere?”


The man was shaken,

But gained his sword ,

His body, nicely awaken,

Cut the head of the darkness’ lord.


The fight was won,

Which wasn’t a fight at all,

The deed was done,

The man’s head rose in pride tall.


Here comes the end of the story,

How a man unleashed the power,

And attained his false glory,

With no blood shower.

That was fun… I loved writing it. I know it is absurd, but that is the best thing about it, I think. Just for a quick laugh- yes, you can laugh reading this hopeless flop story.


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