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More From The Day At The Fair

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Wary of me and the Nikon



Hard to capture  when they are behind bars.





Stunning ,  yes even these beauties can be STUNNING.



I miss my chickens  I had some like this one and some Rhode Island Reds



Fancy Plumage


Really FANCY check out the feathered feet



Even the Ducks came


Look at that pretty face


Love her ruff do you call it that on a Chicken or are they hackles?



Such a pretty head

To say I had fun at the fair is an understatement


I even have more to share with you

Stand By!

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Awareness to Cruelty

I wrote this because of my love for dogs and the cruelty they endure at the hand of man.

Stick cracks hard across my back
hunger, taunted, teased
caged without affection
never knowing what love is

mankind your cruelty
will not be discharged
you starve my needs
my hate augments
as I witness
others feed

you yell and kick and spit on me
as I lay quiet and cringing
on the ground
I want to please that’s all I know
explain the wrongs I’ve done

humiliation, lack of worth have I
the life not born to lead
don’t pit me against my adversary
this is what I silently plea

my limbs are weak
my body writhes each day
in pain, battle-scarred, agony
let me sleep
to not wake up again

I beg you stop this

bets are laid I’m dragged outside
the sunlight hurts my eyes
I have so much hate
churning through me
hate I cannot hide

laughter heard from men that stand
and taunt and scream the word ‘kill’
please don’t let me continue this
stop me now, I will

be the dog that you could love
not filled with animosity
I was born to love
give pleasure to the one
that owned and comforted me

I pace the ring do as I’m told
like a boxer ready for the fight
the other lurches teeth in my neck
latches on with all his mite

I beg you stop this

my blood pours and hits the ground
each droplet make men roar
I fight only to defend, relieve me
of this now

Wounds are left to heal alone
sores infest blood dried on skin
lick my cuts to try and heal
ready for the next battle

What pleasure can be found
in this ‘sport’ this blood thirst act
I struggle, don’t understand
as you witness, laugh, applaud
who will be the last to stand

Man is cruel I’ve learnt through time
to continue this atrocious game
I just want love and to be held
I will never be the same

Please Let Us Try to Stop Dog – Fighting…or any animal fighting.

A useless, senseless and disgusting act by the most cruel and depraved individuals, for their pleasure, for a bet … just to see a dog pulling another to shreds….

Listen (Part 2) – Poetry

Listen to the morning birds with their wake up song

Listen to the footsteps in the house where you belong

Listen to the new borns as they utter their first sounds

Listen to the children’s laughter ringing through playgrounds


Listen to the anger in the voices in a fight

Listen to thunder as it cracks on stormy nights

Listen to the people having conversations nearby

Listen to the whirring fans on ceilings way up high


Listen to the sounds of hooves galloping on the ground

Listen to the lost shelter pups crying to be found

Listen to man as whistles out his tune

Listen to the clink and clunk of your knife and spoon


Listen to the waterfalls that flow from rocks above

Listen to the cooing of the snow released white dove

Listen to the whispers of children out at play

Listen to the elderly and what they have to say


Listen to the waves as they tumble to the shore

Listen to the high heel shoes step across the floor

Listen to the pelting rain upon an iron shed

Listen to the winds blow strong when your warm in bed


Listen to the band you love sing your favourite song

Listen to the keyboard click when your typing all day long

Listen to the crackling of wood burning in the fires

Listen to the breath inhaled and listen when it expires


Listen to your heart beat strong beneath your chest

Listen to when someone speaks, that their life is in a mess

Listen to the child that says that they feel pain

Listen to the teenager who wants to come home again


Listen to the bubbles in an effervescent drink

Listen to the water drip into the kitchen sink

Listen to the kittens as they softly purr

Listen to the shoes of a flamenco dancer


Listen to the one you love when they have something to say

Listen to the friends you have and laugh with them each day

Listen to the abused animals who haven’t got a voice

Listen to the sadness of others so that one day they may rejoice



Listening… A simple thing we take for granted.. sometimes we hear but do we always listen

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Touch (Part 1) Poetry

Touch by hand the subtle things

Touch the child with new born skin

Touch the water in rock pools still

Touch the snow – white frozen chill


Touch the bark of trees at dark

Touch the glass and leave your mark

Touch the animal that makes you shiver

Touch the stones in the rippling river


Touch the pen so you may write

Touch the pillow you sleep on at night

Touch the cheek of those who blush

Touch the person whose heart is crushed


Touch the grass in paddocks green

Touch the nuts of cooked praline

Touch the dust of cooled down ashes

Touch the steel of newly ground axes


Touch the snail shell after a rainy day

Touch the old wood that built an archway

Touch the covers that warm you each night

Touch the wrongs to make them right


Touch the water that flows from a tap

Touch the twigs and make them snap

Touch the fabric of clothes that you wear

Touch the heart of friends to show you care


Touch the old photos and reminisce

Touch the lips that you have kissed

Touch the book with the faded pages

Touch the one you will love for ages


Touch…a simple thing we sometimes take for granted…touch…the physical or the mental we cannot live without

sometimes we feel but do we ever touch


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Dem Bones

Yesterday when our 11 year-old granddaughter was here, after I gave her her piano lesson and after she proudly showed me how she could play the B-flat scale on the bells from her brand-new percussion kit, she wanted to go out and climb trees. So, camera in hand, I followed her and snapped pics of her high up in trees or hugging trees or peeking out from behind them.

Then I had to go in to get dressed for a special dinner last night. We would drop her off at home earlier than usual, on our way out. Her mom was home so it worked out fine.

While this little tomboy was still outside, I heard these words: “Memah, come quick! Look what I found.”

I was in the middle of getting dressed, so I called down to her that I’d be there in a few minutes. In the meantime, I heard my husband: “Hmm, I’m not sure Grandma is going to want these in the house. Could you put them on the picnic table?”

These? Them? My imagination stirred.

As I came downstairs I heard her say, “Don’t look yet. I want you to be surprised.” She has loved surprises since she was small.

So I came out onto the deck, looking down. Her words instructed me:

“Sit down. Keep your eyes closed.”

My stomach churned at what I was about to see. After all, this is the child who is not afraid of snakes, who picks them up, who has loved bugs since she was small, and thinks critters of all kinds are fabulous.

“OK. Open your eyes.”

“TA-DA! Memah, isn’t it cool?”

She had I don’t know how many tiny bones, and had begun putting them in some kind of order: leg bones, spine bones, what looked like ribs (14 of them), a head, teeth, pelvic-type bones, all kinds. The head was in four pieces and when she put them together it was absolutely complete.

I have to admit that it was pretty cool. She took a magnifying glass to study each one, and she looked like a little scientist as she ordered and attempted to name the various bones. She can’t wait to take them to school on Monday.

“Mr. S. (her science teacher) will love these.”

When we dropped her off at home her mom was less-than-thrilled to have two small Tupperware boxes of bones on the kitchen counter. But she, and M.’s older brother were interested.

This all makes sense because she has told me that her favorite class is science. She’s a girl who deals in facts, so science and math are her favorite subjects. She’s good at all of them, and gets all As, but she prefers the immovable, factual scientific and mathematical concepts.

As for me, I loved watching her fascination with this collection of bones which she thinks might have been a fox.

Mardoch the Iguana

Mardoch the Iguana


green scales

creeping, smelling, lazing

Iguanas can see shapes, shadows, colors and movement at long distances.

cunning, plant-eating, coloring

long tailed




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