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Submissions for Stories about Nature

Hey there! Wanted to share this opportunity for bloggers to get their material into a new e-magazine.  Fellow blogger Akanksha at http://roohi21.wordpress.com  recently began a venture to collect works from bloggers and publish in downloadable magazine each week.

This week’s topic is about nature! I bet some of you out there have some interesting tales about dealing with nature, right? Maybe you’ve already posted a blog entry about nature, in which case all you have to do is send Akanksha the link to your blog post. Have your submissions to her by Wednesday (Aug. 15) by 10pm IST (India Standard Time).

From http://roohi21.wordpress.com

The next week’s theme is “A tryst with Nature”

It could be anything like why you love nature or why you feel creepy in the mountains or any interesting story about your experience with the nature’s flaws or blessings.

Just send me a link to your post or email me the article at ver.akanksha@gmail.com

Please note that you must include a short bio of yours along with the post so that readers could connect with you. That may include your name, country, why you write, address to your blog and any message to the readers.

Click on over to her blog if you want to learn more and submit an article.


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