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Setting the Dark on Fire

Through that night

and from across a room

Through crowded strangers

and all my awkward shyness

Through every hurt remembered

and scattering debris of aborted plans

Through a slow death in every unloved soul

and that night, that miracle night

Through our infinity of eyes

and every hum and flutter

Through faith rewarded

and there was you

and every night

there was you


Crisp white shirt

black suited man

slight smile an edge

what is your plan

eyes that stare right

through me now

glass raised towards

me blushing I

cast my eyes towards the floor

reticent of your seductive lure

stops me where I stand


but I stare right back 

 fidget with my dress

your eyes penetrate

they alone express

Your want your need

I can’t look away

your dominance 

your provocative way

I draw a breath 

it’s hard to breathe

the edge you have lies deep inside

my solicitude I try to hide

not a word is spoken

what goes through your mind

and yet I know

our minds entwined

I quiver and my hand

does shake

don’t see this

don’t let this

moment break

that smile it warms

my body so

white shirt

black suit

I cannot go

Moth and Flame

we were like moths – hovering
around a flame – appealing…
caressing the edges of our kindred spirits –
enticing our souls
with the promise of
a life other than what has been…
like moths, we hovered – closer…
as if by hypnosis – we hovered closer still…
and in a trance, our wings started to burn…


The Nature of Us

I am waves upon your shore, she begins,
dashing myself against you, constant.
I am undertow, says he.
Succumb or be pulled under.

See me in every tree, she replies,
leaves trembling to see your face.
I am the moon o’erhead, he replies,
watching for your every move.

I am the dispersing wolf, she says, traveling
a thousand miles, separated from the heard.
He answers in a howl-  I am wind.
I know exactly who you are.


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