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Autumn’s fingers poke into
blue skies, coloring trees
crimson, orange, yellow and gold,
dusting them with wealth,
expectation of change this time of year.
Frost soon,
gregarious announcer of winter
hunches with gray shoulders as
if it were a cat stretching. An odd
justice creeps over the land,
killing summer, erasing fall, and
lighting the landscape with white
October treasure remains.
Pilfered, we trudge on toward December
quietly, steadily, with
teeth cutting into growth
under the snows.
Violence erupts, blizzard
winds whip with
extraordrinary power,
yammering temperatures to

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A Silly December Poem

It’s 60 today and the sun’s shining bright.
I guess that the seasons just can’t get it right.
A couple of flakes fell on Thanksgiving Day,
but autumn is lingering. Skies are not gray.

I wonder why Earth has its story mixed up.
The weather’s been weird, like cake in a cup.
So what of December? Where’s snow and the cold?
It might come like a lamb, not blatant or bold.


Circles of cycles
move me farther from birth,
closer to death.
I do not acknowledge the latter.
Seasons teach me:
Infant blossoms in spring,
full bloom of youth, the summer,
a winding-down in fall, raking up excesses, lowered skies,
then frozen winter.
I know my season,
just as the clock ticks inexorably.


Autumn Scenes in Connecticut

Autumn colors in New Haven, Woodmont, Miford and Orange CT….

New Haven, CT 

Woodmont, CT

(note the evacuation route sign )


Gorgeous colors in Milford, CT


Orange , CT

 (known for PEZ company in the vicinity)

Fall Fair

I should be there with friends to sell my book
but I woke tired, decided to stay home.
An autumn fair where lots of people look
at a variety, its background loam

for produce, jams and jellies, fall décor,
the mood is leaves and pumpkins, things of fall.
A crush of customers mills near the door.
I see an older woman with a shawl

drawn ’round her shoulders, proclamation cold
is on its way and we should stock our shelves.
A sudden wind might well appear with bold
breath bringing winter, leafless branches, elves.



Christmas Grumble!

I love this time of year, it’s Autumn time,

with pumpkins in the fields for Halloween,

to leave out autumn would be such a crime

yet people seem to think it’s a has-been.

Why is there so much Christmas stuff about

when that season is still three months away?

Freshly Pressed has got a Christmas post out

and Christmas mug’s on 20 Lines today!

We’ve still another ten days left to go

before the ghouls and witches gives us frights

and then we have the fireworks and the show

of bonfire, Guy Fawkes and his noisy night.

And even then it’s seven weeks before

Christmas comes a-banging on our door.

I’m sick of seeing Christmas things about

It’s Halloween I keep wanting to shout out!

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October days of pumpkin, leaf and gourd,
the queen of seasons tempts us toward the cold.
We feel the stranglehold of winter’s cord.

This month gives us its seasonal reward
with trees magnificent in red and gold,
October days of pumpkin, leaf and gourd.

But soon the vanquish of this smorgasbord
will come. Bare branches dictate: You will fold
into the stranglehold of winter’s cord.

Those branches etch their words in skies whose sword
emblazon just how soon we’ll be North Poled.
October days of pumpkin, leaf and gourd,

come close. I want to whisper: You have scored
a treasured status, and I have enrolled
you in my memories. No, winter’s cord

will not encompass me for I have stored
your jewels and cannot ever be outsold.
October days of pumpkin, leaf and gourd
trump somber stranglehold of winter’s cord.



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