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In 2000, I became quite familiar with bagels when I painted two-dozen of them. My illustrations were used on packaging for Lender’s Bagels.Strawberry swirl

The art director wanted each bagel to have its own character. Many of the bagel flavors had different contours; some were rounder and others were more oval. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Bagel-Cinnamon SwirlThrough experimentation, I discovered that markers and colored pencil worked best to create realistic illustrations. I added small amounts of acrylic to create details such as sesame, poppy seeds and highlights. I have included some close-ups of my illustrations.Bagel-Everything close up Sesame seeds close upbagel-everything Bagel-Sesame

Bagel-garlicChoc. swirlPlain Watercolor BagelBagel-CranberryBagel-Cinnamon Raisin SwirlEgg BagelBagel-Blueberry SwirlBagel-Blueberry

All of these paintings were done before Photoshop existed. I have a blog where I describe my technique and have a lot more information. It is at: 


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