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Sea King

Massive wave hills were breaking further out than I had ever seen.
I told myself and my friend that I would stay close-by shore,
And go no further, no more.

Slipping into the icy froth of the rip express lane,
Passing familiar rocky point,
I sat on my board, just gliding seaward like floating royalty in a river coronation,
Absorbing solar praise,
Robed regally in wet fur seal like suit,
Laughingly shouting back to my friend enjoying the shore-break surfing:
“Check this out!”
Forgetting to embrace shoreline wisdom.

My mistake apparent within seconds,
I am no king of the sea.
Today the familiar merry go round rip
joyfully ridden back to wave riding position
Bulged uncharacteristically and pulled me near to panic,
An unstoppable river, impossible to defy.
I was riding a water chairlift out to liquid white mountains.

In a salty blink, I whispered, “Save me!”
Doubt gushed, poured and exited out.
I saw daughter, wife, scenes of life.
I heard a royal blue voice call out: “Keep going, yes further out.”
Each shivering stroke showed feeble faith
As the sets rising green and tall drew terrifyingly near.

A precious wave approached from an unexpected angle,
Birthing hope within—to catch it would be certain escape.
It lifted me up, throwing me down, carrying me in.
I rode that surfboard like a rapid-rafting baboon,
Arriving to the shore,
Whispering appreciation to the real Sea King.

By Jonathan

White Showers

School children wait, anxious for that first flake to fall-

“The weatherman said…” cried a child under her breath.

Workers  share the same anxiousness, hoping the snow waits-

until they are home by the fireside with their lover.

Snow plow operators can’t wait, they have to be ready,

start their engines when that first flake falls.


And it is so beautiful as it coats everything in white,

Children rejoice as they play in the frozen fluff.

Parents who can, relax and watch the joy on their faces.

Then drivers notice that the snow is turning to slush.

Such beauty becomes an ugly grey mess, and yet, next time,

We, for some reason, go through the same routine.



Street corners

Prostitute Approaching Car on City Street

sounds of revelry 
the night
split skirts
ride high on corners
trading skin for money

eyes of youth through
windows stare to lie on backs
open legs - knees bent


 ~ but never kiss

the lowly have it tougher
battering or death, risks
lined up on the street 
calling 'honey what you want'

are they empty


the little girls they were
and how they sell themselves
exhibiting their wares
but who am I to judge

the top girls don't have corners 
there's no mayhem in their world
unlike the street lamp hussling
tease and flaunt their 'goods'

they do 'a job', as I do mine
and who am I to say
this is how they live their life
from day ..to day..to day

©jmtacken Sep 2013

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Make Connections

I long to write the words

That might just change a life.

I hope for beauty,

Eloquence, poetry

With every letter I place on a page.

I want to write with abandon

And connect with people

Around the world.

I want my words

To bring tears to eyes

And paint pictures in minds.

I want love to live in every poem, to

Reach across the seas and back

To touch a million lives.

I’m left floundering

Wondering if it’s enough

As I write from

This messy human place.

I want to tell the stories

We all want to read,

Instead I write the

Only stories I know

The simple, the plain

The unassuming beauty of a sunset

The quiet pain of a broken heart,

Happy to reach even one other soul.

It’s what we all want isn’t it

One way or another

To reach, to connect with

Another human being.

To prove to ourselves that we aren’t alone

Moving through this world.

c u r r e n t





city streets


q u i e t


in this







c u r r e n t






m u s i c

at my



d r e a m ing




m e m o r y



b e a u t y



r e m a i n

r e m e m b e r

r e s i d e



Fact Finding Walk




Well we headed out on a mission

JT was excited to get going

She stood still as I got her collar on, as well  as her Red scarf

We told her to go out to the truck and she sat beside her door

It is just a 10 minute ride  and I could not wait to go see what the lake

looked like

Yes it was in the yard as it always is at draw down.   I am so tired of

losing the land I pay so much for in taxes , as well as all the work I do to make the lower area

just as pretty as the upper yard

So today JT  and I set out on a mission and you will see lots of photos in days to come

I will post most on Living and Lovin and 20 lines Facebook page

Follow along if you have time






Snow Is Falling

a old photo of our yard when snow dumps here today we shall get some they say but tomorrow it will MELT AWAY :)

AN old photo of our yard when snow dumps.   Here today we shall get some they say but tomorrow it will MELT AWAY :)



For here today they are calling for some snow.  You know it won’t make me happy as I adore my sunshine filled days.  I do however loves running out to grab a shot before one foot prints or paw print disturbs the scene.
Only wish the Deer and Moose had been having their morning drink from our stream when I ran out to snap the photo.


A Hat Made of Hay

Highland Cattle

A Hat Made of Hay



I was still hurting bad from tackling the Willow

I had to push through the pain

All I had to do was take it slow

I had everything really to gain


So I awoke from a horrible night

Made myself ready for the day

Keeping my future health in sight

I headed off to do gentle Yoga just before midday


I still needed some downtime

I needed to just be alone

So I took this drive and made the climb

Just around the bend I saw HER though she was not alone


Silly Poem really just wanted to share Her with You as she made me take the time to just smile as I took her photo through the passenger side window.  I guess I have a thing for their beauty.  They are so much a part of the landscape of New England

Thanks for checking out my BLOG





Transparent teardrop that trickles down thy cheek

followed by another,  if you could

what would you speak?


Transparent teardrop trickles down thy face

followed by another its path

it tries to trace


Could you tell me why you fall

upon skin so young and fair?

droplets of silent emotion

is there too much pain to bear?


Or perhaps that it is laughter

that brings you upon fair cheek

laughter welled from inside

it is from happiness you peek?


We can look upon the face for signs

as to the reason you have come

so transparent teardrop

are you here from a smile or a frown?


We cannot read you, we only see you flow

are you here from pain or joy

the answer we do not know




Before and After: Weekend Photo Challenge!

When I was a teenager it always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste.


Song of Love

Sing the song of love with me-

The song which you know by heart

but have hidden within the valleys of your heart,

let it come to you, let it guide you.

Sing the song of love-

The song that will end all this pain.

Let’s sing it together,

let us all sing it together

so as to engrave it in all our hearts.

Sing the song of love with me,

for it will bring the joy, the beauty in our souls.

Sing it with me- the song of love.

An Early Morning Dream

An early morning dream

where everything is still so dark,

the light of the day hasn’t yet arrived,

the dawn is beginning its show.

An early morning dream,

where I dream of the early morning,

the stars still shining,

the moon though can’t be seen.

An early morning dream

where I experience the early morning.


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