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Would You?

If you were to reach up and grab a star

what would that wish be?


If you were to hug a tree and dream of it’s beginnings

what would you see?


If you were to grab hold of a rainbow

would you think it’s colours majestic?


If you were to gaze into a beggars eyes

would you feel apathetic?


If you were to look upon yourself

would you see your inner brilliance?


If you were to tell the world who you are

would you expose your radiance?


Yes you would – you would wish for what you want the most for yourself or others

From earth to life – you would appreciate everything that is natural

Yes – The thoughts of the colourful life you have had

No you wouldn’t  – for you know not what life they have led

Are you undecided about just how brilliant you are?

Are you too humble to tell the world that yes indeed you shine?







Eyes turn to stare
At the new fish on the street

Dirty brown, ragged, dusty, filthy.
A pure-bred,
A perfect addition to their collection
In the tank.

Joining the ranks of four others,
A school, lined up in neat row.
Body after body after body after body after body
Resting on their tails – fish have no legs.

More eyes stare.

Their mouths open and close – but no one hears.
Fish make no noise.

Their eyes plead as yet another cent drops, more, more, they cry! – but
Fish have no choice.

Their scales flinch as a stray coin hits them – but no one cares.
Fish have no voice.

The water engulfs them,
Hundred pairs of huge eyes are magnified
Inspecting the fish.

A fish bubbles – his final one –
The reverie breaks, the other fish scatter,
And the people walk away to their lunches in fancy restaurants
Fish and chips, nicely buttered.


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