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I Am Still Afraid(Acrostic Poem)

I see a light beam

At the horizon

May be it is an omen

Saying to me

To have some faith

In the decision I have made

Leave behind my fears

Leave aside my anxiety

And aim at

Fulfilling what I desire

Rise towards the sky

And have some faith

In me and my

Decision for my life.

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I dream of things beyond my reach

Though on them I try not to dwell

I’m thankful for the blessings each

But my heart’s not an empty shell


I long for love to hold me tight

To laugh and cry along with me

To comfort me throughout the night

I fear it’s never meant to be


I’m thankful, though, as said above

And try to dwell on that instead

For in my heart, I have known love

And each new day, I do not dread


There is a hope that lives within

And every day, I still can smile

That hope it keeps me moving on

In happy times, and every trial


But even so, it must be said

The dreams, I still will hold on to

Long as I’m living, and not dead

I still believe in them, do you?



I think I can

                                                                I don’t know how

I’ll find a way

                                                                I’ll fail somehow

Look for the good

                                                                Life is so hard

Blessed with good friends

                                                                You can’t trust them

I’m not so bad

                                                                What’s wrong with me?

Just stop it now!

                                                                This poem is weird

It has a point

                                Life is what you make it

                                                It’s about attitude

                                                                I choose to believe          


Answering your request

by Anne Sikes

The enemy says I’m depressed.

But Jesus tells me why I’m blessed.

The enemy says just give up

But Jesus says to just look up

While Satan says there is no way

My Jesus says trust and obey.

I know which one I will believe…

The one whose love will never leave.

You tell me that you don’t agree

With this deep faith inside of me.

I try to make you understand

This life of mine, led by God’s hand

That even when I slip and fall

The good Lord has his hand in all.

That is my reason to go on

Without it, I would be long gone.

Why would I ever let it go…

This love, impossible to know?

It helps me get through ev’ry day

And comforts me in ev’ry way.


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