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Ode to a Sparrow

So small and lifeless, sparrow lying there,
no longer gliding on your wings through air
that held you high above the world that whirred.
Thou was not born for death, immortal Bird.

I look upon you, warm, still, to the touch
and ponder all life’s moments and how much
each holds, like golden millions in a purse.
I stand there, shift my weight, look down, and curse

because, dear bird, you do not, cannot, move.
Not even all the treasures in the Louvre
stand higher than my wish that you could fly
again through skies, see clouds go scudding by.

Thou was not born for death, immortal Bird,
an echo in my sleep I thought I heard.
Come, come with me so I can hear your song.
Your music rights so much that has gone wrong,

and now I hear a silent woods. The trees
are empty of your flutter in the breeze.
I watch. Please move, small one. My eyes have blurred.
Thou was not born for death, immortal Bird.

*The line Thou was not born for death, immortal Bird is taken from “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats.

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If you could be …..Maggie’s challenge….?

   First of all …Maggie wow what a great Idea…! What light would I be , thought about this for some time . The light I want to be is the shine of the young girls eye the minute she receives that first kiss , The glimmer when she finds out she’s pregnant . The glow when that little boy gets what he wants for Christmas . The sparkle when dad watches his kids in their first soccer game . It’s the small things in life we all need to get back in touch with . That light is the finest thing I know !!


Morning Walk

Walking this morning , the wind blows soothing

Branches in the trees moving slight from left to right

The sun with its warmth , makes the day fit so good

Birds all around , all the noise there singing drowns

One blink of an eye , the clouds are there

The birds themselves feel our despair

I sense my body returning into this confining room

My eyes are closed and I feel this on my face

Walking this morning , the wind blows soothing

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It’s 9:00. I’ve slept six, count them, hours.
The sun shines on the springtime trees and flowers,
but not on me. A fading of my powers
results from nighttime wanderings through towers

of mazes. What went wrong? I couldn’t sleep.
The Tired Bird had not begun to peep
to draw me into slumber soft and deep.
I need more hours so I can count those sheep!


I like the music of the birds and breeze.
It makes its way on puffs of air, through trees,
and reaches me when I need fresh new sound.
So thankful that these nature notes abound,

I pay attention, listen with great care.
Some people do not notice. Do they dare
assume this music will continue? Do
they think that it will stay forever new?

What of those humid summer days so still
when nothing moves? A breeze becomes a frill.
And have they never seen a bird hit glass?
Then on its melody we have to pass.


What’s In A Name?

Daffy Duck, as he appears in The Looney Tunes ...

Daffy Duck, as he appears in The Looney Tunes Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - Also a name I would have agreed to while I was sedated!

I know this is going to be a shocker, but I occasionally choke on the foot I stick in my mouth at times. I thought I’d share one of those bright, shining moments in my life.

When my son DJ was born, he was very, very premature, and due to a loss of a lot of blood, I was unconscious the entire delivery. Because it was a little country hospital, DJ had to be helicoptered to a larger hospital in Dallas, some two hours away. So, when I woke up, my son was not there. Very distressing for a new mother, to say the least.

To transfer hospitals, a child has to have a name on his birth certificate, and normally, the mother is the one that fills this form in. However, because I was clearly out of it, my then-husband, Dennis, had to fill out the form. And being Dennis, he decided to trash the name we’d agreed on — Michael Anthony — for a name that embodied his own family — William Harold. :-(

Now, in fairness to Dennis, he insists that I told him this was okay sometime that drugged night, and I am going to even say that they may have been possible. But I was heavily sedated, so I would have named the kid Daffy Duck or Mickey Mouse at that point. He should have stuck to the name that we agreed on.

It took me a month to heal from the birth of my son, and all along, as I’m talking to my family and friends, I’m calling my baby Michael. Dennis, obviously nervous, says nothing to me, until I’ve finally been released from the hospital and am headed to Dallas to meet my new baby. That is when I find out that my son has been named William Harold Bell. And that Den’s family is calling him Billy Bell. O.M.G. I was pissed. Billy Bell???

Sure enough, there was my absolutely beautiful little boy with a placard on his crib with the horrifying name Billy Bell. Immediately, I made the nurse take it down and put up a placard that said William Bell. I needed some time to fix this, but now wasn’t the time. In the end, I changed his nickname to DJ. It doesn’t stand for anything. I just didn’t want him to be called Billy. Being poor, we were stuck with the name.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago, I was telling this story to some new biker friends of Chef’s (my present husband). In the biker culture, almost everyone uses biker names, so you almost never really know what the people around you’s real names are, and such was the case with the guy I was talking to. His reaction was odd when I finished my story. Slowly, he pulled out his wallet and showed me his identification. William Harrold.

I’d just insulted this man’s name. I totally suck.


I Almost Died Today in the Stupidest Way Ever


Due to another traumatic moment in my life involving tweezers and freaking hairs growing rebelliously anywhere they want, without regard for the lives they are destroying, I’m going to repost this from Everyone Has A Story. It is about a trip I took last month. I haven’t re-read it, but I remember liking the Blue Man picture….
I had a bunch of things I wanted to write about today, but my husband ruined it all!

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

So, my adventure managed to end on a really, really bizarre note. We left Austin at 1 pm on Saturday, amid rain, March Madness traffic, and flash floods. Neither my husband nor I had felt all that well that morning, and after standing in a mud bowl during the party, getting sneezed and coughed on, our immune systems just weren’t up to the task. 11 hours later, we had barely made it to the outskirts of Dallas. In an effort to try to save our marriage, he broke down and got us a motel room. It worked. By morning, all was forgiven….until we got on the bike again, in yet another downpour. Grossest feeling ever is having to wear drenched clothes that keep drying out and rewetting over and over again.

Finally, we started hitting some sunshine right outside of OKC. With the sunshine came happier thoughts, and we managed…

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