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I Won’t Cry (Another Blues Sonnet)

Okay, Maggie’s challenge again, but this time more in line with an actual ‘blues’ theme, I think.  For the record…I’m not really this bitter.  Not that I never have been, mind you… :)


I Won’t Cry


I may not ever lay it on the line

No never will I lay it on the line

My heart, though all alone will be just fine


It hurts too much to let somebody in

It’s dangerous to let somebody in

I cannot seem, with love, to ever win


Maybe I’m just bitter, hard and cold

I’m bitter, and you may say that I’m cold

But for that game I’m getting way too old


I don’t need complications from a man

A complicated problem is a man

No longer of romance am I a fan


Alone, I guess I’ll be until I die

No need to pity me, ’cause I won’t cry


For Tia

No words or poem can console the loss of a loved one so fresh but I share this which I wrote for my mother who died of cancer and my wife’s aunt who committed suicide within a few months of each other. It took another year before I could write this. Let time be your teacher and friend and strength.

What will you see
     When your sight is lost

What will you feel
     Without feelings

How will I sound
    To your deafened ears

How will I hear
    What you're saying

Will you taste:
        My bitterness
        My anger
        My confusion
        My sadness

Will you understand;
     I cannot, right now
Will you smile at me;
     I cannot, right now

Would you watch me now;
     I could use that now

Could you teach me now;
     Would you show me how

When I think of you
     Will you touch me, friend
When I close my eyes
     Will you hug me then

In the dark of night
     Will you stop the cold
At the break of dawn
     Will you wake my soul

During quiet times
     Will you come and stay
When the dusk first falls
     You could light my way

You can count your days
     As I count my years
You can hold me tight
     As I count my tears

As the months go by
        And time presses on
You will see:
        My struggles
        My resolutions
        My perseverance
        My reckonings

When my step first slows
    You will be my cane
When I ache to move
    You will ease my pain
When my light falls dim
    You will lead me on
When my thoughts all fade
    You will bring me home

What will I see
    When my sight is lost
What will I feel
    Without feelings
How will you sound
    To my deafened ears
How will you hear
    What I'm saying

As you lift me up
       And I raise my head
We will feel:
       Our souls
       Our joy
       Our peace
       Our love



Loud and obnoxious, I don’t want to be.

Calm, to speak gently, and smile pleasantly

What happened to me somewhere on the way

To make me defensive to so much they say

Defending myself when there’s really no need

I’ve been hurt so much, that my heart does still bleed

Lord, close up those wounds that are still so raw

Make the scars that I have, a strength, not a flaw

Make me an instrument of your peace

And all of the bitterness, help me release

This prayer today comes from deep in my soul

Lord, please give me back what the enemy stole.

I know what I ask is of things I must do

But I cannot do them without help from you.

So I’m placing myself in your gentle care

I trust in your love…you’ll help me get there.


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