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What are they up to?

“Shhh they will hear us”

“No they won’t they can’t even see us”

“They know where we are…shhh you will spoil it”

“I will shhh but you must to”

“I am, I’m trying to stop you”


“Stop saying shhh then, you’re making a noise”

“But I’m quiet when I say it”

“No you’re not you are louder than me”

“Do you think they will hear us?”



“Don’t laugh or you will make me”

“But it’s hard not to laugh when I want to”

“No shhh you must cover your mouth”

“Well that’s not much fun now is it”


“We are safe only if we keep quiet”

“I’m trying to but I can’t”

“Do you think we can stay here forever?”

“Well at least till dinner-time”


Every played hide & seek under the blankets with your best friend when you were little?




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