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Thanksgiving Challenge


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect

It is a time to be truly thankful for all you have

It is not about what you lost

Nor about what you never had

It is a day to bow your head and give many thanks

Many before you have suffered and gone without

You are blessed to have all that you do

Try to remember this as you sit with your family

Maybe even all alone

Praise your GOD  for the bounty set out before you

For the beautiful sky

The Stars up above

For the food on your plate

Maybe just the drink in your hand

Be thankful


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans

Happy Thanksgiving in the name of Peace and Sharing to all of you who live in this world with us.

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I dream of things beyond my reach

Though on them I try not to dwell

I’m thankful for the blessings each

But my heart’s not an empty shell


I long for love to hold me tight

To laugh and cry along with me

To comfort me throughout the night

I fear it’s never meant to be


I’m thankful, though, as said above

And try to dwell on that instead

For in my heart, I have known love

And each new day, I do not dread


There is a hope that lives within

And every day, I still can smile

That hope it keeps me moving on

In happy times, and every trial


But even so, it must be said

The dreams, I still will hold on to

Long as I’m living, and not dead

I still believe in them, do you?


‘Pardon My Incision’


Emma Louise, Post Op (SwittersB)

For nine plus years, Emma has been a significant part of our family’s lives. A little over a week ago, she suddenly could not rise onto her four legs. Her demeanor changed. She had half of her spark. Nothing worked right. Fear rose in my gut. All the what if’s and possible-probable outcomes ran through my mind and made me nauseous.

Wednesday, with much trepidation and less than even chances to survive, the neuro-vet operated on Emma’s spine to remove a ruptured disc. The problem was location and her heart. She made it through. She moved through that anxious, agitated state of post op. We brought her home with strict admonitions to keep her still. Today, Emma had to just show a sign that she is better. Not perfect yet, but definitely better. Prayers answered, blessings bestowed. I love Emma!

Now, there were two other ‘family members’ that were totally out of sorts through all this drama…Harley and Penny. Both seemed to sense the routine had been altered and that something was amiss. Once Emma came home, they sniffed, but kept their respectful distance. Today, they saw things were looking up as Emma stood up for a bit and smiled. I know many find such shenanigans over pets a silly distraction. I don’t try to convince anyone. I just know the magic…I am sure many of you do as well.

Harley & Penny (SwittersB)


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Bright new day

I welcome you with your sunshine

And all the blessings just waiting to be discovered

Blessings from my God in heaven

Who loves me

With an amazing, perfect love

That love unimaginable, incomparable

From my dear, heavenly Father

Holy God

Your mercies are new each morning

I will cast all my cares on you, for you care for me

I will not become impatient

I will wait

Your way is often not quicker

With time and care, you work out all of the details

As only you could ever do

Thank you, God.


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