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I have been away for a bit, some of you know why, my husband has been battling lung cancer since January. He fought a very brave battle but on July 25 between the hours of  5:30am and 6:45am he took his journey to the next level. I am proud to have been able to help him stay home till the end, comfortable and pain free.  Now for those of us left behind the healing begins….





People walking back and forth

carrying on with their daily lives,



Oblivious to the pain felt by those around them,

the deafening agony of loss

searing into the souls of those left behind.


Blind to the ache of loss and feelings of no longer belonging.

Life continues on leaving those behind lost

in the fog of memories and tears.

The roar of heartache slices through the skin

like a sharp knife sparing no one and showing no mercy.

To sit and feel a nothingness

is the only choice left

to get through each day.




living a dream

Wondering  back I get blind by thought , peeping

Dread is my neighbor , always watching , leaping

Grieving souls are flooding my conscious day, creeping

Quicksand around me , it covers my feet ,seeping

Can’t move , can’t breathe , I continue ,  weeping

I want to be normal , I want to be bland , feeling

Moving forward , looking ahead , dreaming

I’ll pray for his help , I’ll look for the future , gleaming







Pedestrian Crossing

He explains that the
chirping crosswalk signal
is meant to help the blind.
We are paused on a corner,
in the dusk of sundown,
in fading light.   We step
off the curb, disregard
the fact that the signal
tells us not to cross.
Was I blind?  the hand is
red, palm open like high five,
stop, don’t cross,  and
I am faltering, quick steps
uneven, teetering in heels,
I realize we’ve stopped traffic.
His stride doesn’t change,
has the unapologetic gait
of confidence and age.
You wouldn’t dare hit
Fred Chappell, crossing the street.


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