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Daily Prompt: Exhale/No One Got Hurt

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I started out early one morning yes before the sun came up, as do most truckers.  I had delivered one load of water, with my tanker,  a few hours south of Boston.  I stopped for coffee,  for the ride back up to the mountains for my second load of the day.  I walked around my rig kicking each tire as I do after hauling a load for few hours, all was good they were all still up and lights all were working properly so I made my way back into the driver’s seat.

I made the trip up into the mountains of New Hampshire for another tanker full of Spring Water.  I took three or four loads a day,  six to seven days a week into the bottling plants as we prepared for Y2K, do you remember that in 1999,  as the world worried about life as the calendar turned…

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My Day


It starts with waking

Then I watch the yard as daylight arrives

This place is so amazing

I can hear the Blue Jay cries

I hear the others chatting just outside the window

They flit from branch to branch

They pick up and crack seeds I put out the night before

Should I forget them they will actually fly into the window

No not by accident but to get my attention

They are as spoiled here as the dog and cat are





Tech Help, Anyone?

I come again asking for tech help. Here’s what I need, and I hope someone can help me. I know I did this once, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out a second time.

I have just changed the theme on my Brainstorms blog (maggiemendus.wordpress.com). I have put the image for the 20 Lines badge in my sidebar, but I want readers to be able to click on it to be linked directly to 20 Lines.

I know that the URL has .jpg at the end, and that is undoubtedly why clicking on it now takes me to the image. I have tried leaving off the .jpg, but that doesn’t work. I just get a message on my sidebar that says to configure the widget settings.

I know there must be a way to grab the image from 20 Lines and put it on my sidebar as a widget. This is what I had before. I need it to be clickable so readers can be taken right to 20 Lines.

Can some of you techies out there help me? I’m hoping this is something simple.

Thank you in advance.


New Year!

This is a very short post.

I would just like to wish all my fellow authors/contributors and readers here at 20 lines a day, a very Happy New Year!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately but what can I do?- it seems to me as if I am losing my poetic voice… Leave that aside, you can still find me sharing bits of my life at my home blog.

I joined this wonderful community of writers/poets/artists/photographers in the year 2012 and I find great pleasure in telling you all that that was the best thing I did in the whole year.

Cheers! Keep writing! Keep reading!


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