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Daily Prompt: Exhale/No One Got Hurt

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My Last Rig

I started out early one morning yes before the sun came up, as do most truckers.  I had delivered one load of water, with my tanker,  a few hours south of Boston.  I stopped for coffee,  for the ride back up to the mountains for my second load of the day.  I walked around my rig kicking each tire as I do after hauling a load for few hours, all was good they were all still up and lights all were working properly so I made my way back into the driver’s seat.

I made the trip up into the mountains of New Hampshire for another tanker full of Spring Water.  I took three or four loads a day,  six to seven days a week into the bottling plants as we prepared for Y2K, do you remember that in 1999,  as the world worried about life as…

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My Day


It starts with waking

Then I watch the yard as daylight arrives

This place is so amazing

I can hear the Blue Jay cries

I hear the others chatting just outside the window

They flit from branch to branch

They pick up and crack seeds I put out the night before

Should I forget them they will actually fly into the window

No not by accident but to get my attention

They are as spoiled here as the dog and cat are





Tech Help, Anyone?

I come again asking for tech help. Here’s what I need, and I hope someone can help me. I know I did this once, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out a second time.

I have just changed the theme on my Brainstorms blog (maggiemendus.wordpress.com). I have put the image for the 20 Lines badge in my sidebar, but I want readers to be able to click on it to be linked directly to 20 Lines.

I know that the URL has .jpg at the end, and that is undoubtedly why clicking on it now takes me to the image. I have tried leaving off the .jpg, but that doesn’t work. I just get a message on my sidebar that says to configure the widget settings.

I know there must be a way to grab the image from 20 Lines and put it on my sidebar as a widget. This is what I had before. I need it to be clickable so readers can be taken right to 20 Lines.

Can some of you techies out there help me? I’m hoping this is something simple.

Thank you in advance.


New Year!

This is a very short post.

I would just like to wish all my fellow authors/contributors and readers here at 20 lines a day, a very Happy New Year!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately but what can I do?- it seems to me as if I am losing my poetic voice… Leave that aside, you can still find me sharing bits of my life at my home blog.

I joined this wonderful community of writers/poets/artists/photographers in the year 2012 and I find great pleasure in telling you all that that was the best thing I did in the whole year.

Cheers! Keep writing! Keep reading!


Sandy Knocked Our Lights Out

Missed you all!

Well Sandy came and gave us her best shot.

NYC is bad the photos I have seen are horrible.

NJ and Atlantic City will never be the same I fear and I loved walking that boardwalk.

My other half did such a great job welding up our free boat and then pulling pieces out of 3 dams to let enough of the stream to flow and allow for all the extra water that fell

from the skies overhead.  Man it came down sideways! The house is soaked.  I was out scraping old paint from front while we had no power this morning and I could not believe

how wet the house really is on the east side from this hurricane, boy she needs paint so badly now to be sure.  I wish I was rich and had paid someone to do it this past spring

after seeing the shape she was in but I loved doing the transformation myself, I needed to do this for my home and me. $30 a gal. adds up!  So one can a month did not get it

done before winter that is unless we get time to dry out and warm enough I can at least spray a base coat on to protect it from what is surly to be a snowy winter, or MORE



Here are a few photos of how I spent my time IN THE DARK while the Graveyard I live next to was bathed in light from the Lit Street Light  lol





The Graves Bathed in Light





Light from graveyard from my very DARK YARD



Yes Propane stoves are handy in a Power Failure lol Light a match turn the knob FLAME to cook on



Cooking by candlelight thought we were just supposed to EAT BY IT!





The computer sits idle,  with all of you going about your days with ME IN THE DARK.





Our new favorite tool above!  A trash barrel to catch rain water and leaves as the well water shuts off with no power as well as the TOILET!




Bags full of food no longer safe to eat, what a waste.


Here is how our yard looked after storm no worse after Sandy Knocked Our Lights Out




Missed you all very much

Hope if you were in the Path of Sandy you are alright as well




Autumn Scenes in Connecticut

Autumn colors in New Haven, Woodmont, Miford and Orange CT….

New Haven, CT 

Woodmont, CT

(note the evacuation route sign )


Gorgeous colors in Milford, CT


Orange , CT

 (known for PEZ company in the vicinity)

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A splash of color in New Haven, CT

I’ve visited this area last year after hurricane Irene hit it..the stone walls are patched, the lawns back in order and local residents are once again preparing for a storm, this time Sandy….. hopefully, it won’t repeat Irene’s damaging force.

Post Irene, Pre- Sandy



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Please Take a Look

I hope you’ll take a look at Susan Axelrod’s blog, at cureepilepsy.wordpress.com.

As I’ve written before, my husband and I had dinner with her Friday evening to discuss epilepsy and how it has affected our lives. She is the founder and chair of C.U.R.E., Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, and I couldn’t be more complimented that she chose to spend time with us.

See her post titled Sharing Our Stories, dated Oct. 15. In the picture of the three of us, that’s me in the middle.

She really is an exquisite listener, and I was complimented by the way she wove the details of my story into the larger vision of C.U.R.E.

Writing at 20 Lines

My maximum has been about two weeks,
the time I’ve spent to keep a journal. Now,
with blogs, I come unto the page and bow
to unseen audience. To you I speak

with every poem coming from my heart,
mind, brain. I wonder who and where you are,
what twinkles all around your shining star.
At 20 Lines I’m free to take apart

emotions, tragedies, some strange new math
when numbers of my life do not compute.
My muse sings often, other times she’s mute,
but nonetheless I wander down her path.



I have a tech question and hope someone can help me. I’ve been all over the internet trying to figure it out without luck. The problem is that the “Follow this Blog” widget on the sidebar is not up to date with the number of followers I have.

I know for certain that yesterday I got a new follower on my “Chronicles of a Writer” blog. Before she joined, the number of followers was 86. Now it should be 87, but guess what? It remains at 86.

I also suspect that it hasn’t moved and there could be other new followers on both this blog and on “Brainstorms.”

I checked the “Follow this Blog” widget to make sure I still had the counter checked. It was.

So I’m stuck. Can you help me?


Another Blog, I forgot!

Today, I realized that I had started a blog. Oh! It has been so long. I had completely forgotten its presence in the blogosphere. Today, I finally made a post there.

Fellow writers- if you want to exercise your writing more frequently, please do pay a visit to this blog which is indeed a community of writers where they can converse in poetic verses- http://comeonletsbepoetic.wordpress.com/

For more info regarding the blog, please visit- http://comeonletsbepoetic.wordpress.com/hello-welcome-to-conversational-poetry/


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