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Last Goodbye

“my heart grieves” she says
and i ask
“why does your heart grieve?”
she answered
“because i know that the love
we used to share has died…it seems
all that’s left in its place is the memory
of how it used to be…a memory
of how it used to feel…”
and the only answer i could
give her was my silence
and a guilty stare into the space
past her…but then i took her hand in mine
and felt her fingers in between
the spaces of my own…it didn’t feel the same…
and i said
“indeed…the love we once shared
has died…buried beneath
painful memories and broken promises…”
she looked at me and i looked away
to hide the tears…and the silence
that followed became our last “goodbye”…


Infidel On Your Knees


Oh Infidel, look what tragedy you have wrought

because of your selfishness you gave no thought.

 Well intentioned, the ‘fixer’ went out to heal,

dispensing ‘love’ and a mental self haven for the

neglected, the lonely, for his own appeal.

 The hearts soared, the minds healed, the bodies

hummed with the release of restraints.

 But, there was a problem of paying the piper. Of

coming back to Earth, of seeing the wreckage one


 ‘I never meant to…’ ‘I am so sorry’ is of no use

given the devastation and abuses.

 To loved ones here and over there, excuses

are offered up, as I stare into a cup. My excuses

ring hollow in light of the grief.

 What comes of all this pain, of the dear hearts?

On my knees, begging for redemption, I see

the sorted parts. I see no relief.

 I see what I have wrought, I see what I carried

all this long while. The little boy inside striving

to find comfort, but not realizing the harm

from all the conniving.

 Love, respect, compassion are admirable,

but never enough of an excuse for the Infidel

fixer seeking to skirt the unbearable.

 A power looks down to guide one back from the

abyss. A wreckage strewn along I cannot miss.

Redemption not to forget, but perhaps someday

for all, a higher bliss?  

Forgive me


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