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A splash of color in New Haven, CT

I’ve visited this area last year after hurricane Irene hit it..the stone walls are patched, the lawns back in order and local residents are once again preparing for a storm, this time Sandy….. hopefully, it won’t repeat Irene’s damaging force.

Post Irene, Pre- Sandy




Laying lifeless


waterfall (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

flickering lights follow the frontiers path

heavenly music coming from a dot in the sky

there in the trees , a wandering eye

calm is replaced with the blizzard like wind

flashes of light hitting the ground

running water is heard like a water fall crashing

a single hit to the fleshy white nap of the neck

falling , things go black

looking down there he is , wait

That’s me

laying lifeless while I float away


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Clive the cat

Clive is a cat , he looked  like no other

He searched the world over , looking for mother

His coat was a wash , of gray and some white

When the moon glowed ,  he sure was a sight

He walk down the hill , to the pond so calm

Not a soul was found , especially his mom

He looked up with tears while god he did hear

Your moms up here , she didn’t disappear

He asked the great voice , as he started to walk

Can I see my mom , or can we just talk

The voice being slow was also real soft

As most of Clive’s wishes mostly were lost

grabbing and clawing scratching his chin

He replied to the voice as he started to grin

when I close my eyes and begin to dream

Thinking about our life, it will be supreme

God voice was bold as he said kinda loud

Clive I will tell you , your mother is proud

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life on the edge

eyes are open ,

thoughts are broken ,

tempting me ,

day and night stalking ,

spying , waiting , watching

heartbeat gaining speed ,

urges haunting the good ,

life on the edge ,

together as a chain ,

all hope is held high.


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