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I don’t care if the demand curve is downward sloping,

and the supply curve- upward,

I wonder why do I need to learn production function,

even when I am not producing a single thing.

I don’t care if the foreign exchange reserves get exhausted,

and when the balance of payments is not favorable,

I wonder why do I need to know about the budget,

even when I never adhere to it.

Ah! I wonder why do I need to study Economics,

because I have an exam, Ah! The answer is here sneering at me.


I have wasted three of my four prep holidays, 

now I have got my exam

What can I do but laugh at me

And right silly stuff about Economics.


Its Hard To Retrieve

Its hard to retrieve what you’ve lost,

The think you have wanted the most.

It was love, friendship for me,

It never came to me with a glee.

I had to suffer the never achieved loss,

Sleeping every night with nothing but remorse.

I’m difficult to handle and be cared,

I have never been a part of the love being shared.

Forever alone, I call myself which is not a lie,

I think that is the only possession with which I’ll die.

The eyes are tired…

The eyes are tired of the views,

That I see in my mind.

I am feeling unfit for the task,

Visualized by my mind.

I am tired and unfit,

To do what is expected from me.

I am most of all sick of these expectations,

That I no longer care to heed.

Silence Speaks…

Sometimes silence says what the words can’t tell,

Sometimes all it requires is being on the line,

“AHEM”, she spoke and “HMM”, I spoke.

And that was enough to convey ,

To each other that we care,

Whether the other one cares or not.

We miss each other,

Whether the other one misses or not.

We still think about each other,

And we hope the future would be better.

We wish the better of the tomorrow for each other.

We don’t use words much,

Ahem and Hmm says it all.

I miss her,

She misses me.

I care and so does she.

You were gone

When I found in you, the love I’ve been looking for-

You were gone just like that with no notice of departure.

When I saw in your eyes the care I always needed-

You were gone just like that with no goodbye ceremony.

When I realised the beauty residing in your heart, the one I always needed-

You were gone just like that.

You were gone with no notice of departure.

And no goodbye ceremony.


Who cares?

Who cares-

For the trauma I deal with everyday

Who cares-

For the pain I bear every moment

Who cares-

For the love for myself I did lose

Who cares-

For what I have become?

No one, not even me

That is the biggest irony.

A ‘Who cares?’ painting by artist Lucy Burscough.
“Madeleine”, 2005.


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