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The Blitz Poem

Beautiful sky

Beautiful love

Love so fair

Love so sly

Sly is who I am

Sly is the world

World so dreary

World is a dream

Dream in the night

Dream of the day

Day quite warm

Day with a charm

Charm act outward

Charm so fake

Fake is who I am

Fake is this world

World freedom

World enlightens

Enlightens the path

Enlightens my soul

Soul concept of life

Soul concept of death

Death for me and you

Death so inevitable

Inevitable circumstance

Inevitable depression

Depression kills

Depression controls mind

Mind your own business

Mind so lame

Lame is who I am

Lame is the world

World so sultry

World where I live

Live in the shadow

Live in the oblivion

Oblivion choices

Oblivion sky

Sky so high

Sky so blue

Blue waters

Blue cheese

Cheese of cow

Cheese I love

Love is who I am

Love is the world

World is yours

World is mine



Well, I hope you are not angry for reading this poem(yes it is a poem) which is full of meaningless phrases and words.

But I loved writing it and I hope you are also going to love it.

Blitz is a 50-line poem, completely made up of small phrases. Rules-

1. Line 1 should be one short phrase or image.

2. Line 2 should be one short phrase or image, using the same first word as the first words of Line 1.

3. Line 3 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

4. Line 4 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

5. Line 5 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

6. Line 6 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

7. Line 7 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

8. Line 8 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

9. Keep on repeating the routine till Line 48.

10. Line 49 is the last word(only) of Line 48.

11. Line 50 is the last word(only) of Line 47.

If you have any questions, do ask them. And try it- I know it is a little time consuming and a little confusing as well, but it is quite entertaining when we write it.



I tried, i tried again
to let you in,
to let us breathe,
to let love be.

But somehow I just was not ready.

And every time I tried to give you all of me,
My soul said no, not now, not now
And yet I still tried.

But my heart was not yet ready.

Baby I am TIRED of trying
tired of trying to be ready for you,
whatever that means,
I should probably just jump into the sea eyes closed

But my heart is just not yet ready…

But my heart is just not yet ready…

Baby, I said my heart is just not yet ready!

Not yet, not now, not ever,
because you see, I was already ready ages ago,
just not for you.
Sorry babe, but…

My heart is just not yet ready for you at all!





THE OCEAN 20 Lines A Day Challenge


The Ocean

Was a place I loved as a teen.

Then it was a place to just be seen.

So many days and nights spent by the shore.

Are you starting to wonder what I went there for?

When I was  eighteen it was to sunbathe  all day long.

Then when I was in my early twenties, it was where I went to become strong.

I was filled with so much sadness and despair.

It was the only place, I truly felt, that I could disappear.

I had a big decision  to make.

The last thing I needed was to make a mistake.

I would walk and walk  and walk some more.

Then I would sit really close to the shore.

I didn’t move as the waves  came in.

I guess I was hoping for it to wash away my sin.

I cried so many times along this beautiful section of beach.

Why had I not listened to all my Mother had preached.

I went so many years to walk the oceans floor.

I  watched  as the tides pulled away from the shore.

I made my choice.

I really didn’t have a  choice.

I spent so many years in tears.

At this beach I had loved for years.

Fast forward to when I was  fifty-three.

When my missing part was standing  right beside me.

Life at the ocean and along the shore

Will now hold more than ever before.

I now smile for the world to see.

As I walk along this section of the sea.

It is time for me to let go.

I am sick and tired of always feeling low.

I  have met some wonderful people  here.

Who I will always hold dear.

The Ocean has now helped me  to heal.

I will  forever be grateful,  once again  to be able to feel.











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Thinking, thinking…

What comes next?

Blinking, shrinking…

Now I’m vexed

Will not let it

Get me down

Child of the King

Where is my crown?

Life is like that

Don’t you know?

Pressure cooker

Watch it blow!

I don’t have to

Let it be

I can choose to

Be happy

And that’s just what

I will do.

I’ll be happy…

How ’bout you?


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