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The A Train

We’re riding together but sit worlds apart.

The stockbroker, the mother, the hobo living in separate realities, yet riding in the same car.

The A Train zips from beaches to hoods to ground zero.

Our liberal metropolis is a kingdom of progressive “niceties”.

The A Train is a silver chariot carrying us through our politely segregated city.

Photo Credit: NYC Transit Museum

Other Side of Distance 5

Thames, Seine, Volga . . .

Toes dipped from

Spain, Italy,

Greece and Africa

into the middle of the world

are foreign

but familiar

is the East River

resting between

the kvetching of Brooklyn

and Manhattan

and giving reason

to bridges, tunnels.

* * *

here the fish don’t tire

before reaching other side

nor do birds

but songs are forgotten


as cities

come to completion.


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