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Free Fall, by Susan Dean Wessells

Thirty years
(and counting).
I am falling still.

Sometimes the sky
is achingly blue,
and the memory of clouds
brushes white against azure.

At others,
create the bouncy castle
in which I jump
and play.

Then are those gray days,
rent with lightning,
drenched with rain,
when misery enfolds me
and I long for solid ground
on which to make
soft landing.

Susan Dean Wessells

Susan Dean Wessells has been writing poetry since ethe age of eight. Her life has been rich with varied experiences which nourish her writing. In 2007 she realized a lifelong dream of being a contestant on the Jeopardy! game show. She is currently writing a novel about vampire nuns.

Love Under the Willow Tree

Chase me through the rain
shout my name out loud
I turn my head I laugh

drops from clouds hit my
face, chase me up the hill
my dress soaked through

the wind will not banish
your voice it only carries
it closer to me

hits my face like the rain
chase me my love, up to the top
where the willows brush the earth

you love me..is that what you said
rain shall not dampen how I feel
hearing those three words

run to me, catch me and throw
me to the ground take me
if you will, you said you loved me

nothing else in the world matters
not the rain, nor the wind
you love me, I want your love under

the willow branches

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Cinquain Challenge

Pine trees
reach arms to sky,
hoping for sun cover.
Today, gray clouds threaten with snow.
No. No.

lift, play music,
polishing the dusty
haze upon a saddened mood. I
thank them.

stones along the
shore speak stories to me,
share an ancient tradition. I

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Storm Blowing Out To Sea

After Storm Blows Out To Sea

After Storm Blows Out To Sea


When we have a Wild Storm blow through this part of The United States we seem to always be blessed with just the prettiest of days afterwards.  So blessed to call this area home.  Picturesque to be certain don’t you think?


Clive the cat

Clive is a cat , he looked  like no other

He searched the world over , looking for mother

His coat was a wash , of gray and some white

When the moon glowed ,  he sure was a sight

He walk down the hill , to the pond so calm

Not a soul was found , especially his mom

He looked up with tears while god he did hear

Your moms up here , she didn’t disappear

He asked the great voice , as he started to walk

Can I see my mom , or can we just talk

The voice being slow was also real soft

As most of Clive’s wishes mostly were lost

grabbing and clawing scratching his chin

He replied to the voice as he started to grin

when I close my eyes and begin to dream

Thinking about our life, it will be supreme

God voice was bold as he said kinda loud

Clive I will tell you , your mother is proud


Clive meets cleo

Clive was wondering ,

happily  and springing .

Cleo was resting ,

laying back and singing .

Now Cleo it seemed ,

So pretty she gleamed .

She wasn’t a star ,

couldn’t play guitar .

Clive the cat ,

in the bushes he sat.

listening to Cleo’s voice ,

reminded of angels rejoice

they’re eyes finally met

In love you can bet

They walked off hand in hand……

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life on the edge

eyes are open ,

thoughts are broken ,

tempting me ,

day and night stalking ,

spying , waiting , watching

heartbeat gaining speed ,

urges haunting the good ,

life on the edge ,

together as a chain ,

all hope is held high.


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precious poetry

interesting irritations intruding

ecstatic excitability easing equally

calming creations coming clearly

softly soothing sounds surround

vivid visions vaguely vanquishing

willfully writing whimsical ways

precious peculiar promising poetry

thanking togetherness throughout today

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Green gray

this day

warm icy wind

tickles my skin

goose bumps live

under the rain drops

solemn moods

and soaking cries

illicit friends

burning sky

birds no more


the sun snoozes

behind gray clouds

as if to never speak aloud

again to light



night-time moon

crescent crown.

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The Man In The Window…..young Terrance continued …

I have been snooping and hunting for more info on young Terrance . I can find nothing about his body being found , or any burial information either. I did however find  information of a hospital stay before he was reported missing. I do records aren’t all that trustworthy from this time , but when I researched hospital records I was very surprised. The first surprising fact was there were several stays in the hospital for young Terrance , Eight to be exact . They were all for pretty much the same thing , he seemed to have a recurring stomach ailment . The visits all were about the same amount of time which was 3 to 5 days each . One more thing that stood out was every time he was checked in , it was Theodore’s signature admitting him. He was reported missing on a Monday , just getting out of the hospital three short days before that.

I really want to look at police records as well , but I’m not sure where to go. I’m kinda curious if this was written off as a kidnapping or if there is anymore info out there.  It ‘s also very funny that all I speak with always remember of him being a little puny , but not about being in the hospital . I do know this family stayed to them selves and have already heard some crazy things people had spread during these times . My interest is shifting to the 1940s when young Terrance was growing up, as this information is very hard to come by. I am going to a town office to get any info I can find .

I have made up my mind to turn this into a book so when I get all the info I will write and publish under this same title ..Please pass this story around , share on your Facebook profiles and tell your friends , Please click like , I sure thank all for reading …timzauto..


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