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Shared Vulnerability

To reach and hold

Another hand of one

Who’s fallen down,

To hold them as they crumble

Bear witness as they pick up the pieces

Is the greatest honor.

To steady the balance

With a hand under an elbow

Of one who stumbles,

To offer up compassion

To open up to empathy

For those who need some love

Is the greatest gift we give ourselves and the world.

It’s how we make a change

One person

One moment at a time.

Tune into our own vulnerability

Welcome it and make peace with it

To reach out to others

To help without breaking ourselves.

Our own breaking

Paves the way

For us to really help another.

Shared humanity, shared vulnerability

Brings the world together in

Beautifully haunting ways.

Human Connection

We all long for it

Connection with another human.

I see it from birth

Tiny arms that reach

Out to be held.

Children who curl up

On parents laps,

Who sit for hours

In play with each other.

Teens who spend

As many minutes in the day

As possible

Talking and laughing.

Adults who sit in communion

Over meals.

Hand shakes, smiles

Hugs, conversations.

Always searching for something deeper.

To find another who understands

A heart connection.

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Identification never asked to be connection

never claimed such an occupation


Identification casts off synonyms, hyperbole

predicative nominative 

lost its copula

threw away stative verbs


Instead comes to prevent missed connections

correct misconnections

prays for disconnect

to find peace

* * *

Response wakes up

calls call

gets no answer


Switches from monologue

to soliloquy 




I walk along the rivers
Which sources lie between
The pale white clouds in the sky
Which ends anywhere
Its tail a snaking wisp of smoke

I want to cross
The rickety wooden bridge
To the other side,
An uncharted mysterious terrain where
Strangeness is subjective.

January, and with it comes new courage,
New light,
New heart.
I finally cross it.
The raging rapids conquered
Connections, bold
And strong.



Silence Speaks…

Sometimes silence says what the words can’t tell,

Sometimes all it requires is being on the line,

“AHEM”, she spoke and “HMM”, I spoke.

And that was enough to convey ,

To each other that we care,

Whether the other one cares or not.

We miss each other,

Whether the other one misses or not.

We still think about each other,

And we hope the future would be better.

We wish the better of the tomorrow for each other.

We don’t use words much,

Ahem and Hmm says it all.

I miss her,

She misses me.

I care and so does she.


A Perch Upon a Wall

I am perched upon a wall, this low brick wall of the college of my youth and i am watching passersby.  A woman, a mother, perhaps, not a student, stops to take pictures  of a cherry tree in bloom.  Not unusual except that it is night.  It is night.  I watch her in fascination, entertained, as she, a tourist, moves around the small tree, capturing this angle, then that.

For a moment it’s all I need, this wall, this woman, this tree, her focus, the rest of us forgotten in her task.  I have all I need, this wall, this perch, to be audience to her passion, a false connection, a bit of her joy that I can steal and make my own.

Author’s note:  Pingback to fourwindowspress added March 24, 2012 because Sonja’s Night Blossoms reminded me of this moment again.  Thank you to Thomas Davis and the amazingly talented family over there.  


Other Side of Distance 17



Spread over

in January

on desert


known for dry

attached to heat.

Then the movement comes.


starts as a breeze

and ends up turning

the raw into a memory.

And the shadows

of those tamed fronds

are far from

where Jesus tread

but once a connection comes

it’s hard

to let it go.



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