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There for Her, by guest contributor Pamela Wells

There for Her

By the rain drenched window

wrapped snuggly in imagination

she finds herself once again

immersed in day dreams of him

taking her

far beyond the familiar scenes

of predictability and for once

to just be there

waiting for her

between the realism and nonsense

battling over the white noise

housed in her beautiful mind

shielding her

of a life revealing

he was always there

waiting for her

just outside her imagination

standing in the pouring rain.


by Pamela J. Wells

Her blog is http://maiasong.wordpress.com


Thank you, Pam, for sharing your wonderful work – and imagination – with us.  — Melissa


Welcome to The Laundry Maid!

Everyone, help me welcome The Laundry Maid to 20 Lines!

Thank you for joining us!  I hope that you find here a receptive and encouraging readership that will inspire you to write, every day when possible.

We look forward to getting to know you through your words.

Cheers, and happy writing!


Please say hello to Zach Brokaw, or Didactic | for | Hire …

… our newest Contributor on 20 Lines.  Here’s what he had to say about joining us:

Just came across the blog and I believe to now be home. I would love to partake in the production of these fine, cathartic  (in both senses of the word…)  installments but will be away from the allure of the monitor for most of the coming summer. After that though, please count me in on your project!

Additionally, while I’m still around, I started …something…on my own blog today, Chronicles of A Philomath. I wrote the introduction to a story and am encouraging other writers to add to it by attaching comments. If this sounds like a pleasant distraction for your team, let them know! I’d be glad to have their help.


Everyone please give him lots of love and check out his blog over at http://chroniclesofaphilomath.wordpress.com/

Z., we look forward to every word.  Join us when you can!  We’re saving your place.


And to everyone … to all of the contributors, writers and photographers alike,  as well as to our dear readers and followers …  a huge, personal THANK YOU from me, for being part of this inspiring community.    Let’s keep going.

Cheers, and happy writing.  Happy photographing.  Happy everything.



Welcome, Anne Sikes!

I am so excited to announce that a new poet is joining us to flex her pen and share her talent with us.  Please welcome Anne Sikes to 20 Lines, and check out her blog at http://mylifeuncutalmost.wordpress.com/

Welcome, Anne!

A snapshot of Anne, in her own words:

I’m a 55 year old child of God, mother of 3 grown children, and grandmother of a beautiful 10 year old.  I love poetry and the arts, music, cooking, crocheting, and enjoying my family and friends.  Oh…and I really love blogging! :)

Cheers all.  Happy writing, happy photography, happy everything.




Welcome to our Newest Contributor!

Kathe is going to be writing with us!

Kathe is a prose writer who is looking for a place to write regularly.  You might find her under the WordPress handle, teadh.

Kathe, it was a pleasure to speak with you today and we’re so looking forward to reading you!  Welcome aboard!


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