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Withered Hands


She slowly got up from the ragged green chair,

hobbling to the kitchen, stirring something

as it boiled and rumbled.

The aroma reminded me of my grandma’s house,

long ago, me, a curly-haired child,

being chased away lest I get burnt.

A little girl sat playing on the floor,

a home-made rag doll, much-loved, it appeared.

The lady spoke to the child in a language

where I would not ever find proficiency-

yet I knew exactly what her words were.

In every place, every time, we are all one.

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Dessert Medley

I am excited to share another painting on 20 lines, which I’ve named Dessert Medley. Painting delicious food always intrigued me. The many colors that could be found in whipped cream (beyond white) were fun to discover. Dusted sugar and strawberry hives required a toothpick.

I always photograph my reference before painting them. I admit that choosing delicious food has advantages, because there are leftovers once I’ve taken my pictures!

My photo reference - not nearly as beautiful!

My photo reference – not nearly as beautiful!

This painting was created with watercolor dyes, before there was Photoshop. Some close-ups are below.

Dessert Closeup 4 Dessert Closeup 3 Dessert Closeup 2 Dessert Closeup 1

I have a blog where I describe my technique and have a lot more information. It is at: 


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(Weekend Challenge) Weekend Plans:Baking Chocolate Cake

I’m going to bake a choco cake

Gonna make it yummy yummy!

Chocolaty , creamy yummy 

 Choco-chocolate I can’t resist it !

I want to eat it,

Got to have a piece of Chocolate Cake!

Enjoy the cake do not eat it fast

Just like your new friendship make it last!


Peppers (the poet’s billow challenge)

Colors of the rainbow , peppers can be

I notice in the garden , colors of three

yellow for banana , bells are red and green

wow this chili pepper resembles a bean

I look in the cupboard and see a pepper or two

cayenne looks orange and taste’s up a stew

black pepper is there , on our dishes we  share

crushed reds one shake or two , do i dare

I look in the fridge , most used and boss

in tiny little bottles I see some pepper sauce

I’ve heard from some friends that ran astray

they even put pepper into a spray

Pepper is used in everyday life

careful should be to cut with a knife

the juice you will get right in your eye

and then the pepper will make us all cry


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Saturday Challenge ..Norman Dziedzic Jr

Norman Dziedzic Jr. says:


Sleepover leftovers
washing syrup and bacon grease and utensils
egg shells down the disposal
down the drain

Driving here and there and back for
Art fairs and dance recitals and coffee
and Father’s Day cards
(don’t forget the coffee)
driving away and
driving home

Eating out with friends
and strangers
and we are all eating
salad mostly
down the drain
with the egg shells
with the syrup

Sleeping over
again and again
sleeping bags
splayed about
about sleeping
and driving
home is here
is sleeping


For God’s Sake, Why did I write this?

That sweet aroma of the asafoetida,

I remember the last time I cooked rice,

With those soya chunks,

No oil, but perfect pinch of salt,

Adding some exotic flavor, I used soy sauce,

And then there was that pepperica,

Along with the cumins.

I breathe in the same aroma-

When I’m here trying to write.

The sweet aroma of the words,

I am stringing together forming a poem,

With those comparisons,

No rhyme, but perfect pinch of metaphor,

Adding some exotic flavor, I use the theme food,

And then there is that mildness,

Along with the silly effort.



I’m a Mess

I’m a mess in every possible way

I even like to do so many things

That I get struck with the choice

Of choosing one of them

Now I’m cooking

But I’m aspiring to write as well

Henceforth, I reached this laptop

Stringing words together

But now I aspire to read

Where would I reap it in between!

Oh! I’m a mess

In every possible way I think…


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