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The Last Walk

DSCN1835Walking on the island shore at night always held a fascination for me, especially with my young teen. We would walk along, watching as the lights on shore glimmered off the amazing expanse of water all around is. It was one of those moments that needed no words, the feelings, the magic, spoke for itself.

He reached down and picked up something, turned to me, held it up and smiled. It was a whole conch con, shimmering in the starlight. Wow! I said, as we walked on. I will never forget that night. It is burnt into my soul. A tear runs down my cheek even now. It was the last night we ever spent on the beach together.


20 Lines a Day..Thanksgiving Photo Challenge


I am thankful for the new day…timzauto

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Thanksgiving day is filled with family and friends , I know we are also busy with events , football, eating ..lol and socializing …I would like to challenge you all to just one picture that describes what you are thankful for….so thruout today just snap one picture and post , maybe we all can see the different ways everyone is thankful for….tag your posts with TGphotochallenge so we can check your pics and enjoy your way of being thankful…Thanks for posting and lets get snapping those photos

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Happy Thanks giving to all..



Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!


Snowstorms landing soon
Snow day equals family fun day
Bitter sweet indeed




Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!


Feelings of family
Flooding over me softly
Waiting for tomorrow


Daily prompt ….. Close Call



The Daily Prompt ….. close call



The retrofit of a masked man

Arabian Masked
running from civilization 
he always fly's so low
keeping both eyes on the radar
never going with the flow

eternally hearing voices
dreaming things he's never seen
breeding flaws about his character
personality, continues to demean 

substance looses its effectiveness
thinking clears as days go by
mask transforms to his potential 
retrofitting life he now try's

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Rocket Man: Land-Speed Racer Pushes 1,000 MpH Barrier

A very interesting article …different fuel uses and the performance achieved 


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The Feeling of Home


Home is the place where I walk in the door, recognize the fragrances, smiles at the messes, savor the peace and feeling of security. When my family is with me, What I miss most about home, is simply home, itself.

Of course, coming home alone is a different story. The joy of beloved faces, sloppy kisses from kids and pets, and the “ahh” of taking off the uncomfortable shoes or clothes you’ve endured while you were away, all of these give home that all important feeling of belonging.

What strikes me most about my feelings for ‘home’ is thinking of the homeless. Thinking of not having that place to rest, not being able to go to the kitchen, open the curtains and fix some chai tea. Not flopping down in your favorite recliner, or taking a hot bath. I honestly believe that the best thing about home is simply HAVING ONE.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

I just love the Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post @ WordPress.com.  I look forward to the new challenge when it is posted on Friday.  This week the challenge is GREEN!  My interpretation comes from a trip I shared with my husband to Niagara Falls.  The breathtaking views of the falls from Niagara Falls State Park where we enjoyed the American and Bride Veil Falls on the Cave of the Winds were exhilarating.  In a place where one would think to see only blue, I found a rainbow of color, especially green.  The park offers lush green pathways and a green trolley to take you from one end of the 400 acres to the other.  It is a place everyone should visit at least once.

“New to The Daily Post? Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re invited to get involved in our Weekly Photo Challenge to help you…

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You’re entitled to be just Human!

It’s ok to be distress but don’t just stay there

It’s ok to be discouraged but don’t just stay there

It’s ok to be angry but don’t just stay there

It’s ok to be dismay but don’t just stay there

You’re entitled to feel these things

 But you’re not entitled to stay there

You’re entitled to be human!

When you feel these things, you’re just being human!

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weekly photo challenge (fleeting moment)

Entry submitted by smileu1 at Grandmother Musings   please visit her blog !!!


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