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Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’

In recent years our own economy has changed our lives significantly. Decent housing is wanted by many, the american dream in home ownership,some times trying to keep up with the Jones’  lets or own banking system take advantage of us…

waking with chills 
a sidewalk for a floor
wind blowing thru
hanging cardboard for a door

dreaming a new dream 
never getting done
homeless in the streets
only warmth is from the sun

blame is not the worry
fair treatment not the truth
hiding from the solution 
not caring for our youth

Covet ....not always a good thing, just my opinion.....

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right2write prompt 5 : Broken Red

I’m here again

looking over the same

wanting to renew myself

trying to hide my shame

with tears getting impoverished

I flash into a dream

everything looks so blurry

then I hear a scream

I focus on a detail

before it fades away

a man appears before me

and all he had to say

this broken red you noticed

doesn’t mean its imperfection

really what your seeing

a lucid dreams refection







Right2write prompt 4; Fingers

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roughly it shows

without any touch

like separated couples

their loves lost so much

feelings turned vain

humor has gone

each sitting silent

before their new dawn

once there was hardship

they firmed up like stone

fingers turn cautious

down to the bone


harmonious bindings

my hearts rip like paper

soul’s about to erupt

eyes are going blurry

life it will disrupt

wondering about my faults all day

the list just grows and grows

now i begin to wonder

just how many  know

in the future this I’m sure

this bleeding will stop and heal

the stabbing hurt will disappear

i will begin to feel

harmonious seasons will return

my bindings will reappear

laughing at past and on we go

we’ve nothing more to fear

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I shuffle and squirm in bed, worn out from another difficult day. I’ve tried everything, reading, watching TV listening to soft music, nothing works.

Suddenly, I her the wind pick up and blow against my screen. A spatter of rain taps quietly n my roof. Lightening and thunder rumble far away. For a moment, the rain falls in torrents, then settles into a peaceful song. Nature’s lullaby.

Before I know it, my reddened eyes start to blink. My mind goes blank, my heart slows to a quiet rhythm. The soft breathing of my cat blends with the gentleness of a warm summer rain.

Soon, I am asleep. The rain has does its trick. Nature has helped me get a much-needed rest. I wake up, a bit surprised that it is morning. Somehow, that is alright, I feel refreshed.

Thank you rain for your blessing.

Veteran’s Day Words

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Over at The Daily Post @ WordPress.com one of the Daily Prompts is Play Lexicographer.   

I thought I would try my hand at this game, using the theme of Veteran’s Day to invent new words to honor all the men and woman who have served our country.   Here are a few words I have created …

Uvetidid –  (you-vet-I-did)  n.  a person who served in the military or a soldier who has seen considerable active service .

Vetservedcountry  (Vet-serve-country) v. a civilian who has in the past served in the military.

Honorvetservice (honor-vets-service)  v.  1. the act of honoring.  2. Something all citizens should do on Veteran’s Day and every day.

Thankavet(thank-a-vet) v.  give gratitude for the unselfish service of a Veteran.

Givevetscredit  (give-vets-credit) v.  the act of giving credit to the men and woman who have served our country. 

I wonder what other words we…

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