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I feel nostalgic…

I feel nostalgic,

remembering those days

when everything was childish

because I was a child,

everything seemed so effortless

because I made it so.

I wonder why can’t it be so-

that everything becomes childish and

everything becomes effortless

once again, today.

I wonder why can’t it be so-

I can relive those years once again.



It’s time to do my writing, for 20 lines a day

The day is just beginning, don’t know quite what to say

The sun outside is shining, through clouds a-passing o’er

Will the sun be winning, or will it rain some more?


I’ve made a pot of coffee, and fed the furry cat

He ate too fast, I cleaned the mess, I really hated that.

I said goodbye to Jenny, or Jen she does prefer

Or Jennifer, she lets it slide that Jenny I call her.


So what will I do with today as it does roll along?

Clean and cook, take out the trash, and maybe sing a song

Traci has the day off, will spend some time with her

Don’t want to waste a moment we’ve been offered, to be sure.


Can’t wait to see the miracles this day will have ahead

Or maybe there’ll be stumbling blocks, but long as I’m not dead

This life I will be living with a smile upon my face

At least as much as possible, and loved ones I’ll embrace


I hope you’ll find the miracles in your day too, my friend

I hope that you’ll be smiling when the day comes to an end.

I hope that you’ll look back and say you’re happy you’re alive

Looking forward to tomorrow, though fifteen or eighty-five.



remember those days

when you were a kid

not caring about gobbling up

5 candy bars

all at once

or eating a whole bag of Doritos

before dinner?

it was that wanton “gall of it all”

that carefree “live in the moment”

attitude that you long for again

children are the essence of life

the ones that adults admire most

they represent freedom

freedom of spirit

freedom of movement

freedom of the soul

to exist as fluid as a river

and as blazing as a wildfire


remember those days.

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My Day So Far

Tired eyes, I rise

Get dressed, be blessed

Grab keys, then sneeze

Drive car, not far

Walk Grace, smiley face

Head home, not alone

Weird chat, what was that?

Coffee cup, filled up

Start blog, in a fog

Phone rings, more things

Call friends, dead ends

Bye, Jen! Grab pen

Can’t go, “Oh, oh!”

No bus, why fuss?

Busy day, under way

That should, be good

Not bored, or floored

Get up, fill cup

Poem done, what fun

Not vexed, what’s next?


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