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Hello darling – how simply divine –

How are you doing? – you look so fine!

That audition lovey – you showed your art?

You’ll be simply marvellous in that part.

And tell me now – is it much you’ll earn?

And are there many lines that must be learned?

And a costume too – oh such heaven!

A dress rehearsal and at eleven…

Wonderful dear wouldn’t miss it for the world

I’ll be sure to glam up and get my hair curled

A complimentary ticket – I don’t have to beg!

Sensational sweetie – do break a leg…




©Wendy Strohm 2013


All rights reserved. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material that appears here or has appeared here without express and written permission from this  author is strictly prohibited. All material is covered by international intellectual property laws. All characters are the sole property of ©Wendy Strohm and have been so since 2010. They may not be used in any form. Failure to comply with this will be taken as copyright infringement and plagiarism and acted upon with all and full legal means. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Wendy Strohm with appropriate and specific direction to the original content, and the author is informed.

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The sailor song


Oh how my heart does hold him dear,
Though I know I can’t be with him,
And I’m as tired as can be
As I can’t face it with a grin !

I can’t pretend I don’t love him,
I have never felt such a bond,
And even though the lights are dim,
Everyone’s seen that I am fond

Of his strange ways, so here we come
Again, for he’s written to me !
I wonder what we will become
And I wonder what I should think…

Why does it always feel so wrong ?
Is it only the siren’s song ?
Lord, it’s been that way for too long !
When will I grow up and be strong ?

September, the 11th


The Almond and The Teeth

The almond fights with my teeth,

The molars who want to get rid of it,

But dear almond wants to stick over there,

Tangled in between the wells of teeth.

My teeth call for help,

The tongue sets in the fight,

Tries to wiggle out the almond,

But the almond is too stubborn,

The tongue is not going to retreat,

But for how long?

The most powerful must be called,

The one the almond fears the most.

Hence, my teeth invoke the hands to go,

And pick up a tooth pick,

Take it within the mouth and jerk,

And jerk that jerk out of the molars.

The almond cries but no one cares,

The tiny almond is swallowed;

And the tooth pick is thrown,

For who cares now?

The teeth are fine,

And the tongue is back to business.

Almond is history ,

And tooth pick- what about it?


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