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Tidal Wave

Woman in water

There is the path that cleanses all
inequity, yet I just sit here
staring into space, epitomizing this
headache that started even before
I was fully awake, setting sail to
pity parties in my bathtub ocean,
confined by solid walls, no tide
to refresh impurities, a fish tank
in the background the only
indication of moving water,
stirring spirit

©SpiritLed 2014


found love

It burns in my heart

my vision of her never yielding

wants being unsure

thoughts for her never shielding

brought back to life

a new love I’ve found


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The new timzauto

Taken about two weeks ago…..it’s been a long road….but the bumps aren’t quite as bad…

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the seed

climbing up through obstruction


avoiding our destruction


it’s you I long to see


awed by deduction


for you is it me


questions keep emerging


refusing me rest or sleep


fighting the troubled opinion


struggling not to weep


entering harmony , it disappears as we need


all along we’re sowing


a bright and delicate seed


Never Ever (EP)

Never Ever (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








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