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“Beach Art” By JT


I know you have probably seen the shells that sit along the high tide mark but do you know about Border Collie Art?

She is so well-bred that she leaves an amazing piece of artwork, all along the beach,  as we make or way onto it

for a game of Frisbee.

Can you see her moves up above?

On and on she goes

Round and Round

Catching it

Dropping it at my feet and heading back out for another loop to get ready to catch it again.

I know some of you may tire of my talk about this pup but she really is what keeps us smiling day in and day out pain and all.

She is a beautiful artist,  well at least in our eyes.

Other dogs just come to PLAY she seems to have a method to her madness as do I.


Her daddy is hunting for treasure in this B&W  photo also showing her design all along the sea.



While traveling across  our country

On the way to AZ

We pulled into a Texas Rest Area.

As soon as I saw the bathroom,  I

ran back out for my camera,  I got a lot of

FUNNY LOOKS for sure.  That and a NH

Plate that said Gold Pan,  didn’t help.

My boyfriend was worried about what it was down here in the south,

in a bathroom no less, was worthy of a photo for me.

Got to keep him guessing!

He does have to learn to TRUST ME

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A Vision Lost?


This unique curvature in the brick work of an old building caught my eye. First, I saw the ‘too much stuff’ sign and my mind grabbed at that right away. ‘I need that shot for my Hoarding Woes blog’. I took a shot of just the sign and then saw the unfortunate contrast of that brash sign against the old brick work and the very unique curvature of the front of this corner lot building. I don’t believe I have seen another building like this in the Portland area. It sets abandoned and padlocked in a depressed part of  town. Maybe some monied, visionary will push farther East into this area and reclaim this boarded up gem.




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