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Into the Light, Where You Belong

Smell of mold
and musty leaves
raindrops on the windshield
in the still-dark dawn

linger in the depths
of darkness and desire,
where your spirit most
yearns to be free

where the long-held
confinement has rendered you
listless and lifeless

crazy before the eyes of man
yet pure in your creative depth,

where the Wise Woman,
flowing silver hair,
adorned in robes
of lavender

holds open the door
for you and cries,
“Lay down your arms!

Fight no more,
grieve no more,
die no more.

Walk into the Light,
where you belong.”

©SpiritLed 2014

Tommy and Faye (Prose)

ocean coloured eyes, auburn curled hair
nestling on her shoulders, stuck with him
the restaurant, crushed napkin folded
kept safe in his worn wallet

her phone number
scribbled in ink, bled from his
sweaty palms over weeks
yet he hadn’t dialed her number

small town, back woods, trying
the best she could, to get out
leave the trailer park, an inner strength
held behind her cerulean eyes

words spoken of her existence
showed determination, he felt weak
amidst her charms, her softness
his a different pain to hers

the napkin dropped near his plate
alongside remnants of mashed potato
beans and meat, he stared at it a while
did she find him attractive

then left, closing the door to her world
to begin again with his, yet
she kept dragging him back, without
a word between them

just this napkin, he couldn’t throw away
she wanted out, she told him so
was he her meal ticket to a better life
to get somewhere, was this his doubt

and then he threw her number away
‘coz he knew he didn’t have the courage
to find out, the risk of being hurt again
to try and make it work

until one summer’s afternoon
when she played so badly on his mind
like a sweet violin
he made a sign

nailed it to the pole
in the street where she worked
and he waited near by
waited and watched for Faye to see

how much she meant to him
how proud he was of her
and how, with lives so different
they were meant to be

©jmtacken Feb 2014


I Am Still Afraid(Acrostic Poem)

I see a light beam

At the horizon

May be it is an omen

Saying to me

To have some faith

In the decision I have made

Leave behind my fears

Leave aside my anxiety

And aim at

Fulfilling what I desire

Rise towards the sky

And have some faith

In me and my

Decision for my life.


A sweet vehement desire

A sweet vehement desire

to reach the sky so high

and kiss those stars,

play with the moon-ball,

just fly care free away away and away.

I hope I was that kid again,

the desire of whom I now speak of.

How time changes, how realities become

more important than fantasies, ending

all such sweet vehement desires.


Writing in Hindi… Translating in English…

कुछ खोकर आज कुछ पाने की इच्छा है मेरी,
पर क्या, ये समझ नहीं है मुझे अभी,
कुछ तो चाहत है, कुछ तो अरमान है,
कुछ तो में भी पाना चाहता हूँ,
बस जानने की ही तो बात है,
पहले जान लूँ, फिर देखूं कि,
उसे पा भी सकूँ या नहीं,
जानते जानते शायद समझ जाऊं कि,
पाने की चाहत भी है या नहीं।

Today I wrote this small poem in Hindi. Well, I know many of you won’t be able to understand it. So- here is the somewhat English translation of the poem,

I have a desire after losing something today,

But what, that is what I am yet to know,

There is that desire for something that I want to achieve,

There is something I really want to achieve,

The only thing left to do is to know what it is,

I need to know, so that I can analyze,

Whether I will be able to achieve it or not,

May be analyzing that would help me realize

Whether I really want to achieve that something or not.

Moth and Flame

we were like moths – hovering
around a flame – appealing…
caressing the edges of our kindred spirits -
enticing our souls
with the promise of
a life other than what has been…
like moths, we hovered – closer…
as if by hypnosis – we hovered closer still…
and in a trance, our wings started to burn…


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