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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

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Even though Thanksgiving is now a memory, I am still thankful for the turkeys that gave of themselves so that my family and I could have a superb meal.  It wouldn’t be a holiday without them!  

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Thanksgiving 2012

I learned that I’m a worrier. Everything that gave me angst before Thanksgiving turned out to be nothing.

“But she’ll ask about the ___,” I worried.

She didn’t ask.

“He’ll wonder where the check is,” I worried.

Nothing was said.

“S. will back off,” I worried.

She didn’t.

“The food won’t be just right,” I worried.

The food was delicious.

“We won’t have enough room,” I worried.

We had plenty of room, and more.

Lesson? Don’t worry. It adds stress. It’s unnecessary.

Thanksgiving couldn’t have been more wonderful. My sister-in-law and her husband arrived on the train Wed. night and stayed until yesterday. What a great time we had with them. I finally located an old carousel slide projector so we could look at slides of my husband, his five siblings, and their parents, from when the kids were small. J. was a tremendous help in the kitchen. J. and C. were comfortable in the bedroom we gave them, easy guests, fun. The right teams won football games, for the most part. The grandchildren were sweet. Our older granddaughter played the piano for everyone and was duly rewarded with applause and compliments. Our younger granddaughter zoomed little cars around, hugged teddy bears, and happily went from lap to lap. Our grandson, a teenager, hung with the men watching football, spending time on Facebook with his friends, said the grace before our meal.

How much I have to be grateful for.

And I am.

Dinner…and Dessert

We had dinner tonight with another couple at an Italian restaurant that has been a mainstay in our area for many years. It’s well-known, is decorated spectacularly, and has a gorgeous garden where weddings are often held.

Strangely, we didn’t eat Italian. My husband and our other two friends all had baked salmon in parchment. I don’t eat fish, but had no problem deciding what to have. I settled on BBQ ribs. Oh my goodness, were they delicious. I didn’t even need to bring any home in a box. The accompanying carrots and roasted potatoes were also outstanding. And then one of the others asked about dessert.

Our waiter brought out the dessert tray.

Hmm, let’s see…that strawberry-blueberry crisp looks pretty good. But then there’s that triple plate of a chocolate something-or-other topped with fresh raspberries, a dish of caramel, and a coconut ball. Or should I have crème bruleé, one of my very favorite desserts? And, of course there were others, each looking better than the others. How could I make up my mind?

Now keep in mind that I had just finished a plate of some of the most scrumptious food I’ve ever eaten. I wasn’t hungry. On the contrary, I was super-full. But when that dessert tray came around, temptation got the better of me and I had the triple plate. Let me tell you how fabulous it was.

Pair all of this with good company, beautiful ambiance on the outdoor patio where we dined, and it made for a special evening.

Mmm…Creme Brulee


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