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I have a drug inside me

coursing through my veins
not a little coloured pill

a drug
not herbal or manufactured
yet makes my skin glow
relieves my aches and pains

a drug
that makes me
euphoric intoxicated
not held within a glass

a drug
that relaxes and calms
that is not injected or smoked

a drug
that isn’t prescription
that gives me a high and
brings me comfort

a drug
not administered
intravenously yet supplies
energy and sustenance

a drug
that helps me sleep
peacefully through the night
which isn’t a sedative

a drug
that steadies my moods
keeps me on track
that isn’t a vitamin

a drug
that helps when my head pounds
which isn’t an aspirin

a drug
that stimulates
which isn’t a white powder

a drug inside me
coursing through my veins

a drug simply intoxicating

that drug is labelled YOU


Lyrica, You Deceptive Wench

Lyrica & Those Pesky Side Effects…Sometimes You are That 1.5% SwittersB

Lyrica worked well for my terrible pain. Worked so well. Oh, those side effects on that sheet in multiple languages and small print…sometimes you really should read them and remember them in the weeks ahead. 

While I was pain free, I was unaware that I said inappropriate remarks. I swore for no reason. I had no awareness I was doing any of that. I was driving, but could not remember having done so. I was irritable, short tempered. I was somewhat like I recall when I taking steroids in the 60’s.

Oh, my sleep was reduced down to one to two hours a night. I felt energized. No pain. No awareness. I recall heading into an important business meeting. I told two of my associates, that would be seated on either side, to kick my ankles if I started talking too fast, repeating myself or saying anything inappropriate. I told them to interrupt and commandeer the conversation to spare me any embarrassment.

In the end, I didn’t take a misstep, but both of my associates remarked…’now that you mention it…you have said some odd things lately’.

Begrudgingly, I went off the Lyrica. I went off slowly but that didn’t matter. I became depressed, despondent. The pain came roaring back worse than before. And, some 18 months later, I cannot sleep more than a few hours a night. Read those warning signs. Have family or friends read them also. You may not know you are a different person. 


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