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White Showers

School children wait, anxious for that first flake to fall-

“The weatherman said…” cried a child under her breath.

Workers  share the same anxiousness, hoping the snow waits-

until they are home by the fireside with their lover.

Snow plow operators can’t wait, they have to be ready,

start their engines when that first flake falls.


And it is so beautiful as it coats everything in white,

Children rejoice as they play in the frozen fluff.

Parents who can, relax and watch the joy on their faces.

Then drivers notice that the snow is turning to slush.

Such beauty becomes an ugly grey mess, and yet, next time,

We, for some reason, go through the same routine.



Summer (from ramblingsfromamum)

My body lies upon the sand and the warmth radiates and envelopes my every pore

I inwardly smile at how I feel, my senses are tingling and alive as I listen to the sounds of the waves tumbling

I have waited all year to feel this way

To be by the ocean to hear its sounds, to smell it


My hands dig into the soft and gritty like crystals and slowly I let each grain pass through my fingers

My eyes closed my breath draws in to absorb the perfume of the water, the smell of the warmest season

My eyes blink open and I stare to the sky above to watch the clouds dance in the wind that carries them

I watch as birds fly overhead and cry out making themselves known


So perfect the day the quietness, the stillness around me with only the waves and the sounds of feathered creatures

My mind escapes into the paradise, my thoughts tumble, like the waves they ebb and flow

How perfect, how serene at happiness complete

The seasons that make a difference to my feelings my emotions


I have waited for the warmth to feel the sand, to hear the ocean, to gaze into the water

I have passed through the cold and wintry months, the time of Spring and Autumn, with summer I am alive

This is my place, this is where I belong

I am content at peace


Why does this have such a hold on me?

Why am I happiest here?

I cannot say, is it because I am a water sign?



Some places make us feel alive more than others

Being near the water is mine

I have tranquility listening to the waves or stepping amongst the rock pools to watch the life below

I simply belong


Do you have a place where you belong?

Where your senses come alive

Where the sounds of all around you without an orchestra

Fulfills you and takes you to a place you may only have in your dreams…



Lifes Encounter

Running till the earth is ending

Through carrotfields and moisty forests

Scarecrows are passing by my hunters heart

I am chasing the light away


Come let go of your heavy self

All the reason is looming over you

Pull out your roots and follow me


Lets dance till our feet are bleeding

Spark the night with passion

Curl upon sandy seas

Embrace the morning sun


Copyright © 2012 by Franziska Dirnberger


Foolish Tears

Foolish tears, now falling down

Get back up in there!  Hold your ground!

I hate to feel  you on my cheek

You make me feel so dumb and weak!

I cannot stand to cry you, tears

I’ve hated you for many years

My face is wet, and nose does run

I tell the truth…you are no fun!

Yet I must face you once again

You force yourself here now and then

So hurry up and have your way

But quickly now…then go away!


Its Hard To Retrieve

Its hard to retrieve what you’ve lost,

The think you have wanted the most.

It was love, friendship for me,

It never came to me with a glee.

I had to suffer the never achieved loss,

Sleeping every night with nothing but remorse.

I’m difficult to handle and be cared,

I have never been a part of the love being shared.

Forever alone, I call myself which is not a lie,

I think that is the only possession with which I’ll die.

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Printing down my feelings,

Enabling my inner-self to speak,

Roar out loud,

Converse with others, share,

Enact what it feels is right,

Pointing towards my thoughts,

Telling nothing but still everything,

Indicating my persona,

Observing others’ emotions,

Now that is perception!



Perception can change life.

Perception can bring forth everything.

It can hide.

It can show.

Perception is every truth,

And every other lie,

I have got.

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Degrading pain


Flaming pain






Filthy pain


Pain is everything

It holds lives

It ruins them

Pain- the eternal truth






Decreasing the moments I cherish,

The pain is distracting me from everything.

It is indeed taking the control of my mind,

The emotions of my heart,

The feelings of my conscience.


So much to write about you, pain-

Where to start! Where to end!

I don’t know, I don’t care,

For you’re staying, tearing me up.

So much to write about you, pain-

I am even devoid of words,

What else can I say!?


Another person in me…

There lives another person in me,

That makes me not do what I ought to do.

I want to kill it,

But I adore it.

There lives another person in me,

Who is cruel but still a part of me.


I’m truly tired of myself, because, that another person is real- who is thriving, who is very much a part of me. It is not possible on my part to control this person which is bringing another aspect to my persona, to my entire life. I’m just tired- so tired! I want respite… I want some space which would end all of this. Sometimes, I just want to cry out loud, grieving for someone to just end it all whether it would mean ending this life… No! I want to live… I know the importance of life… how precious life is. No one can change that, not even this another part of me. Still, I’m tired… I don’t have anyone to ask for help. I’m alone, I think I aspire to be alone as well but I’m tired to be alone. This is just so typical, nothing can change even a little bit of what I’m feeling… I feel.


Don’t say forever

Whenever some one say forever,

I say never.

I can’t bear the promises,

The grief,

The love,

The words,

The hatred,

The jealousy,

The pessimism,

The trauma,

For not even now-

Then how forever!

Forever for me has never been anything,

But the moment which is now.

I don’t want to see the future.

I don’t want anything to know how it would be.

I care for what had happened.

I care for what is happening.

Nothing stays forever-

You know that,

I know that.


Don’t say forever,

Because I would say never ever.

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Why do I want…

Why do I want,

to be on the top of the world?

It is lunatic for,

I am a silly being.

Still I hope,

I grieve, I desire-

to be on the top of the world.

I hope, I grieve, I desire
But why…
I am no one significant
But still I am

A Pictorial Guide To Bird’s Latest Crisis


Sharing my thoughts through pictures…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

Lately, I believe it would be fair to say that I’ve been on the horns of a dilemma when it comes to this blog thing. One thing that I’ve really come to value about writing here is the therapeutic nature of getting my bottled up thoughts out of my head and in front of my eyes, and the eyes of others. It tends to make the monster in my head look smaller and less destructive than I’d originally supposed.


I’ve been dealing with two major problems in my marriage, and as I tend to do, I keep my secrets well guarded. It is one thing to blab my own shortcomings and failures to the world…I’m okay with people taking pot-shots at me, because I embrace my ridiculous mistakes and try to use them as cautionary lessons for others. But when you’re getting into the problems that a marriage goes through…

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Fear- Questions and Answers

Fear of feeling good,

Fear of being joyous,

What does it mean?

Darkness has become so habitual, it means:

Lights, so distant.

What is light?

The beauty of the life is light:

Life, so musical.

How is life musical?

Life blooms with its pure lullaby, hence musical:

Musical, so mesmerizing

There are answers to every question.

The question holds no chance before answers.

The fear shatters now, 

It is good to feel good;

It is good to feel joyous.

Who is there for me?

Who will take away the agony I feel

Who will bring an end to this pain

Who is there to put a full stop to my vain desires

I am here by myself

Waiting for that being to turn up

To bring what I need the most

Love, Trust, Faith, Transparency, Rationality

And above all, my shadow which I have lost

Fighting myself, defeating my core

Who is there to raise me up?

Who is there to make me feel like me?

No one, Anyone? No one is there

I sob, I cry, I groan in pain

With a futile strain.


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