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Change attitude towards water!

Our taps stopped flowing
Just for some hours fleeting
Can’t describe the discomfort
When I needed to use the pot

It all started coming to me
But for water running free
How would humans survive
How would vegetation thrive

I began to think deeply
How water’s wasted greatly
Within the home and many places
Without effort to pull our laces

Laces to our conservational boots
Boots we need to cut the roots
Of bad attitude towards water use
How we’ve no concern to refuse

To be wasters of precious Water
And rather learn to be a Saver
If you care about the future
Let’s wreck wantons wasting water



Use water wisely

Every morning
I’d been hearing
sounds of water gushing
and quickly draining
in the sink
I would never think
there was a human being
over there using

For lack of time I never
bothered to play checker
but it pricked by member
because my dad’s a plumber
Continued for some days another

Then on a day another
I went forth near the shower
Couldn’t believe a possible father
Stark naked in front of the mirror
Looking like a waster
Had opened the water
Which was flowing like a river

I said hi to him
And continued to ask him
Whether he’d use all the water
Gathered in the collector
Having turned towards me
He kept looking at me
Not answering the question
I had asked with a notion

I gathered some mor
courage to play advisor
Told him the scarcity of water
And that we all should endeavour
To become a saver
Especially of pipe-borne water
To use it wisely
And not block-headedly

Still he wouldn’t respond
So I left him and his small pond
Back in my room I listened
For if his attitude had changed
It wasn’t immediate
Perhaps to feign checkmate
But he became a turner
And sound of gushing water
Reduced to little drops
At least to create mutual winners


Just trying to write something catastrophic…

The river-bed, littered with the remnants, being left in her by the people going by, makes her think of the times of the time it was, just a few seconds away; when the beautiful river(now littered) which surfaces on the river-bed was seen as a deity by those same people but within these few seconds of their lifetime, the river-bed can’t believe that these people have now become the exploiters of that river- the beautiful her who is so terrible now with her condition that she has gone for an eternal sleep. She curses such people, fickle-minded in their approach, who just a few seconds before, gained the power on this earth, now on the verge of controlling the entire nature- these people who have, a few more seconds before, started existing on this earth. The river-bed yearns the time, just a few more seconds before, when these species known as humans didn’t arrive to ruin it all. She wants that time back and she knows that time would come back, because the rate at which these species known as humans, considered mere going by people, by her, would go away, a little too many seconds in the future with the end of the nature. Yes, the existing power- the nature would come to an end when he would lose the power to these humans but that would only accelerate the degradation of these humans and the nature in itself. Once the nature comes to an end, which would happen a few many seconds in the future- the fire-ball, so mighty; would rise from the core of the earth to put an end and bring upon the void which would, after a few minutes- would take the shape of the new nature. Her thoughts are disturbed by many other remnants, dirty and exploitative thrown in the river, now reaching her, by these people or humans, whatsoever. The river-bed thinks with a grin forming up in her mind, envisaging the new-birth she would take with the coming of the new nature.

Did you understand the whole concept or didn’t you!? I am sorry if you did because you did try to understand it. Hehe!

On the Environment!


Ei! (hope this counts as a line)
Finally, I get to make my first post. I dedicate it to Zoomlion in my country Ghana. The struggles I went through to do this made me feel like a wordpress blogging novice (could be as compared to Melissa). Hey… let me congratulate her about this marvelous platform… more grease to her elbows (but hope you don’t wear a white shirt/blouse). Thanks for this opportunity. I’m here to have fun…not to prove anything!
Back to business…Zoomlion the principal dedicatee is making strides to rid my country of waste (in the short-term) and preventable disease (in the long term)…while making money doing so. I pray on management to share the dedication with cleanliness-conscious Ghanaians; more blessings on the heads of those who have sheer sensibility and discipline to only drop waste in a designated container! Those who would not sweep their stallfronts into drains… those who would not leave empty cans and wrappers under their classroom and lecture hall seats, stick (messy) gum under office and school furniture and in coaches.

To those who practice the aforementioned vices, I pray for a repentant heart. Ironically, they are the ‘fit’ people… those who can afford the big brands, and don’t want to litter their porsches. I seek their indulgence to afford to drive an extra mile to the next public place and drop ’em trash. It helps for all of us. Imagine plenty money used to import malaria drugs were used to fill the pot-holes on the Tema motorway or to provide street lights in a teacher training college. If matters come to worst (already have), I will pray for a law that allows citizens to take pictures of littering individuals and tend them as evidence in a sanitation court… (citizen-action).

Litterers be advised because no one is above disease and floods; you could be affected in one way or another. Damn!…keep your environment clean, will ya!?


Morning Walk

Walking this morning , the wind blows soothing

Branches in the trees moving slight from left to right

The sun with its warmth , makes the day fit so good

Birds all around , all the noise there singing drowns

One blink of an eye , the clouds are there

The birds themselves feel our despair

I sense my body returning into this confining room

My eyes are closed and I feel this on my face

Walking this morning , the wind blows soothing


A summers night we will never forget…..part five

All of the girls were in the tent changing into swim gear now that it was put up . The rest of the guys and I were huddled around talking and joking about what we would do when we got into the water . The girls finally emerged and we all went for a late swim . The water was clear and fresh , it was  glistening  in the moonlight . The water felt cool in the warm nights air . We all splashed around carelessly , throwing water on each other . We had contests to see who could stay underwater the longest , also walking on our hands under water and several others . We played in the water for what seemed like hours , a few of us had gotten tired and we were sitting on the bank wrapped in different colorful towels .

I hadn’t seen Mary get out of the water , but while we were lounging about she had  come up behind me and sat down . She began with asking about what I had been doing this summer so far . While we were talking I noticed we both looked down as if  we had fears of the meeting our eyes . We had been taking several minutes when the others made a suggestion about cooking on the fire , which Mike and I agreed too because we hadn’t eaten all day . Between all of us we had come up with a smorgasbord of food for all to enjoy . Most everything ,  had been quickly fixed and added to the spread . We all gathered around fixing plates and Mary had come up beside me , brushing up next to me smiling picking at what I was eating . A wash of red came over my face as my pulse was on the rise . While she fixed  something to eat , she asked that after we ate something maybe we could get away by ourselves . I was instantly nervous and replied sure , that I would like that.

We soon finished eating , we even had all of the Ingredients to make smores for dessert . We had things cleaned up and put away while several were talking about finding some more wood and relaxing around a camp fire . Off we went into the woods with everything we had that gave light , searching for wood . I had bought back one arm full and was heading back in for more , when Mary came from nowhere grabbing my arm , pulling me towards the road away from the others .



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