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Yes I Am (Going to Do it)!

I’ve taken the plunge and nailed down a date for introducing my book, Broken Consciousness: Reflections of an Epileptic. On Thursday, March 28, at 7:00, at our local library, I will be talking about how I came to write poems about the epilepsy I’ve had since I was twelve years old. Our library director supports local authors and she has been gracious and generous in arranging this event for me.

A student I taught when she was in fourth grade (a talented writer even then) contacted me on Facebook and said both she and her mom are coming.  That is very satisfying. I’ll have to count my books to make sure I have enough for a nice book table for selling.

Since my book is rather short (80 pages), I think I’ll read only one poem from the book itself, and share other poems I have written about living with epilepsy.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can be calm as I talk, and answer people’s questions with confidence.

March 28…I have more than enough time to plan.


Valentine’s Challenge — 14 Words

A challenge in time for Valentine’s Day –

Enter as many times as you wish!   This is a carryover from a Facebook Virtual Event by Jodi Barnes which you are invited and encouraged to join … either posting here on 20 Lines, or Facebook, or BOTH so that we can all share and gorge ourselves on love.  For the Facebook project, the poems will be distributed on Valentine’s Day to strangers who may be in need of love and poetry.  And you can also do this project similarly where you live.

Here are Jodi’s rules:

Write a 14-word poem (doesn’t need to rhyme or take a specific form). Because “14 words” has a repulsive association with white supremacy, I’m ready to help turn “14 words” into one unifying hopeful piece of love for ONE WORLD, ONE RACE, ONE LOVE. Write 14 words about love–anything related to love, kindness, peace–and post it/them here, let them go, and know that another human being you (probably) don’t know will read your little poem(s) and then, who knows?!


List your poem here, as part of the challenge and mention if you’d like for me to share your poem with Jodi for her beautiful project, OR join us over there and post along with us!

Wishing you much love in all things,



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Peace and Love



Melissa Hassard:

This just felt so great to stumble upon as I’m reading around different blogs. Be very proud of the community we are all creating here.

And if you’re not familiar with The Poets’ Billow, you should be:  HERE.

Much love,


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… to Maggie Mendus and Anne Sikes,
now Co-Editors for 20 Lines!

Maggie and Anne, as two voices of constant support, dedication to craft, and encouragement here within our community, I appreciate your willingness to step into this new role as a consistent voice of assistance, welcome and encouragement.

This community is such a rich place of personality, craft, and talent.  I absolutely love looking in and finding the many interesting and diverse pieces that become a beautiful montage.

I am working behind the scenes to both write and pull together a few more elements and resources for us.  I have plans.  Oh, yes, I have plans.  

New contributors have joined and are joining us soon.  Watch for them if you haven’t spotted them already!

And NEW!  The 20 Lines Calendar 
Coming soon will be writing and photography contest deadlines along with links to the supporting websites for more information.  My goal is that we can channel what we are doing into many opportunities for those who seek them.  Take a look and forward contests to me as you find them!

Much more fun ahead.  Many challenges and opportunities to flex your creative muscle.  And as always, if you have ideas or thoughts and would like to share them with me, my door is always open.  Mi casa es su casa.

Cheers!  And Happy Everything.



The Ocean (weekly challenge) submitted by writerwannabe763

Thank you Diane for your lovely work , Please visit Diane’s blog


I love to visit and to see

Places where I love to be

Along with warmth and shining sun

My joy has only just begun

I travel where I know it’s there

And because of this I do so care

For the waves and color blue

But sometimes it is also green

Prettiest sight I’ve ever seen

I rush down to the water’s shore

The Ocean finally I have reached

And sun myself while on the beach

I revel in the peace I feel

And wonder if it’s all so real

I linger there, the day does pass

And ne’er is there a blade of grass

The sun is changing color now

Shades of red and orange…wow

Sunset has taken o’er the sky

Time to go and say good-bye

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For those of you who love Facebook (and I know you’re out there), please give us a “Like” over there as well.  Polls, questions, writing prompts and more challenges to come and we hope you will join us there, too, and have some fun.  Facebook is the perfect vehicle for 20 Lines as we are community-driven and really encourage your participation, feedback and thoughts.

Come on over!

And I also invite you to friend me personally as we make this journey together.

Cheers, and happy writing,



The Man In The Window…..young Terrance continued …

I have been snooping and hunting for more info on young Terrance . I can find nothing about his body being found , or any burial information either. I did however find  information of a hospital stay before he was reported missing. I do records aren’t all that trustworthy from this time , but when I researched hospital records I was very surprised. The first surprising fact was there were several stays in the hospital for young Terrance , Eight to be exact . They were all for pretty much the same thing , he seemed to have a recurring stomach ailment . The visits all were about the same amount of time which was 3 to 5 days each . One more thing that stood out was every time he was checked in , it was Theodore’s signature admitting him. He was reported missing on a Monday , just getting out of the hospital three short days before that.

I really want to look at police records as well , but I’m not sure where to go. I’m kinda curious if this was written off as a kidnapping or if there is anymore info out there.  It ‘s also very funny that all I speak with always remember of him being a little puny , but not about being in the hospital . I do know this family stayed to them selves and have already heard some crazy things people had spread during these times . My interest is shifting to the 1940s when young Terrance was growing up, as this information is very hard to come by. I am going to a town office to get any info I can find .

I have made up my mind to turn this into a book so when I get all the info I will write and publish under this same title ..Please pass this story around , share on your Facebook profiles and tell your friends , Please click like , I sure thank all for reading …timzauto..


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This blog contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this blog may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.


Awards and Blogs

Recently I have received comments with nominations for awards and I have to say I am blown away by the support for our endeavor.

First of all, I must thank you, Bird, Maggie, and Tim, but I thank you on behalf of everyone here at 20 Lines. This blog exists because of all of you, from contributor to reader. I share these awards with each of you.

We have received nomination for three amazing awards, and I have fallen behind in responding to them, so I hope you will not mind, dear reader, that I am going to pull them all together in this singular post.

Thank you, Bird Martin, at http://birdmartin.wordpress.com/
Maggie Mendus, who has several blogs but a really unique perspective and I have learned so much from her at http://maggiemendus.wordpress.com/
And our wonderful Tim from http://www.timzauto.wordpress.com

Thank you, each of you, for both the awards and playing the integral roles you do here on 20 Lines, and in your own spaces.

We are all in this together.

I will offer up some random stuff about me.

I love storms.
I could never choose a single favorite color …  I want a big box of crayons (or paint!).
I love to cook.
Five years ago, I lost 85 lbs. and have kept it off since.
My life is at a rather difficult crossroads at the moment (whose isn’t?) but I am also thankful every day for all its rich texture and opportunity.
I love music.  I love to be on stage.
I love to encourage writers, artists, children.  You could have guessed this one, maybe.
I don’t talk about myself often.

Generally, part of the rules for accepting these awards is that I have to select a palmful of blogs to further the award.  I do understand why.  I do.

But this is where the task becomes, for me, impossible.

I love so many blogs and bloggers, the personalities behind the blogs themselves, and I would bestow multiple awards on the many, many talented people I have discovered here in WordPress.

There are so many blogs.  So many.  I’m going to forget to include some of the amazing blogs I’ve found if I try to list them myself, and I would really regret that.

So here is what I propose.  Please, in the comments section, post links to your blog or blogs.  Let us all find each other here.  Make noise.  Talk about yourself.  Tell us about your writing/photography/vision.  What you are looking for or what you want.  Share yourself with us so that we can, in turn, find you.

This blog is about community, it is not about Melissa.  Speak, and share all of your blogs here, dear readers and contributors.  Help us find you in all of your spaces.

I am taking great liberties with these awards, but I do hope you will forgive me enough to post links to your blogs here.  We will add you to our blog rolls and maybe you can add each other, too.

To all of the contributors here, and all of our dear readers, a tremendous and sincere

Thank You.

 Join us over on Facebook and continue the conversation.  Let us know what you’d like to see more of.  Or anything at all.

With warmest regards,

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Friends I’ve had have looked the same
After time we all change names
Some of them want things to share
And some of them I can not bear

This pain I carry is not all mine
As this friend always needs my time
I help these friends as all I can
But now I can’t because I ran

Away I went to find myself
I stuck my life upon this shelf
Worried I would never return
I locked life away but how I learned

So now I try to start all over
need to stop acting like a rover
So following people seems the lesser
The new friends I make will be forever

Facebook Love Connections and Why They Fail


Yes. I still got it. :-)

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

So, evidently Facebook changed some stuff up over two years ago, and I just wandered across several messages that have been sitting in there forever, patiently waiting for my attention. Sorry to all my friend who thought I was just ignoring them…I am not too tech-savvy, so changes don’t leap out me very often.

This one message, though, just cracks me up to no end. I think he’s trying to hit on me, but frankly, I am not really sure…

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

First, the grammar is lacking. I have said it out-loud a couple of times, and I sound like a gangsta rapper..But second, and far more humorous to me, are the advertisements underneath the guy trying to make a love connection with me…If these aren’t cautionary tales, then nothing is…If these same ads are showing underneath all of this guy’s romantic connections, I’ll bet he isn’t feeling any love these…

View original 83 more words

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How To Win Friends, And Influence People


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Over the past few years, I’ve found that a large number of the people I know have found Mr./Mrs. Right through MySpace and Facebook. After some cyber dating, one of them will uproot themselves, and in some cases, their families, and move hundreds of miles to move in with their Facebook friend.

Shockingly, the relationships go sour really fast. Feelings get hurt, things are said, and the whole house of cards spirals to the ground.

And just as alarming to me is their desire to ask ME what I thought had gone wrong.

I have worked a really long time to tone down my Blunt Gene, but I am still only human. I hate it when they set themselves up so perfectly….

Finally, I figured out an answer that I think says it all, while not sending people into pits of self-hatred, and still allows me to sit at the cool table.

“Because you both still believe in Santa Claus.”

Most of us humans usually know what the honest answers are to our questions. We just tend to poll our friendships looking for one answer that makes us feel better about our dumb mistakes.


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