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Having Soul

Where is our soul?
Keepers of abstraction,
we wonder what it looks like.
Does it have a shape, a texture, size?
What determines its boundaries?
It requires faith to know I have a soul.
I cannot see it.
Inside I know the rush of emotion.
I have been told it lives in me.
I recognize it in others,
just not me.


I Am Still Afraid(Acrostic Poem)

I see a light beam

At the horizon

May be it is an omen

Saying to me

To have some faith

In the decision I have made

Leave behind my fears

Leave aside my anxiety

And aim at

Fulfilling what I desire

Rise towards the sky

And have some faith

In me and my

Decision for my life.


Hurt That Lingers

There is a hurt that lingers

So deep within my soul

It’s like I’m holding on to it

Without it…don’t feel whole


I know I’ve been forgiven

For wrongs that I have done

And those done me by others

I’ve forgiven every one


So now I’m letting go today

Of sorrow that I feel

Unnecessary sorrow

So these wounds may fin’lly heal


Please help me not to look at them…

To leave them all alone

Except just for recalling them

As if a stepping stone


I pray the smile upon my face

Be genuine and real

Not just disguising pain and hurt

That deep inside I feel


I am not ruled by feelings

Though feel them, I will do

While resting in your mercy and

Your love so deep and true.


Hope (Interlocking Triplets)

I know your courage has worn thin

It’s hard to face another day

And unknown things that lurk within


But listen to what I will say

Get out of bed and lift your chin

Our God will always make a way


Remember all the good there’s been

And let the hope within you stay

Today’s the day you must begin


If worries, at the cross you lay

And all your sorrows that have been

For which our Savior died to pay


Just let go of your fear and sin

He’s with you always, come what may

His love you did already win

With God All Things Are Possible!

No matter how often I fail,

I am not a failure unless I quit.

Therefore, I will not give up,

God has a good plan for my life.

I am going to fulfill my destiny,

and be all I can be for His glory.

I can do all the things I need to do,

and everything that God calls me to do.

I know God created me, and He loves me.

God is with me to strengthen and sustain me.

He has promised never to leave me nor forsake me.


Quitters never win! (Pat’s prose challenge)

Quitters never win! That’s true in any arena of life. Evil overcomes when you have given up. Be strong, courageous, and do your work. Do not afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, our God is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished. Don’t quit whatever the situation is. Know that you have every resource you need within you to fight the fight of faith and win the challenge against adversity. Believe that the God who is all-powerful and all-knowing lived within you. The challenge maybe bigger than you, but it is not bigger than Him. Your enemies maybe smarter than you, but they are not smarter than Him. The sickness maybe stronger than you, but it is not stronger than Him.  Don’t quit, for God’s about to bring you our triumphantly. (150 words)

Quitters never win! When people say winners never quit, it really means not giving up on your ultimate goal, whether it is financial freedom, time freedom or anything you really want in life. If you fall down don’t quit! Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Don’t quit in hard times, get back up, dust yourself off, Just keep praying and going. Because the one who is within you is greater than the one who is in the world. (80 words)

Quitters never win! Have faith and be of good courage. Isn’t it faith that buoys us through the times when we lose heart and strengthens us to keep looking to the Father? Faith is God’s desire. When you have faith you will never quit! Whatever you do, don’t quit praying! (50 words)

Quitters never win! Jesus knows us better than anyone, don’t lose heart, and don’t lose hope! Keep praying and striving because God’s rewards are persistence! (25 words)


God has been faithful to me

In my solitude and fear,

through every agony and every tear

There’s a God who’s been faithful to me

When my strength was all gone,

when my heart had no song to sing

Still  God has been faithful to me

Every word He promised is true

He’s been faithful, faithful to me

Just looking back, His love and mercy I see

When in my heart I have questioned

And even failed to believe

God has been faithful to me

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Writing – A Leap of Faith (Deborah J. Brasket)

I came upon Ms. Brasket via some circuitous route tonight. I am thankful I did. I read a portion of her writing at Writing from the Underbelly. On the Home Page, I found the ‘Writing  – A Leap of Faith and found the passages enjoyable. Perhaps you will too.


(For the Weekend Challenge)

The weekend nears. Cool temperatures, warm sun
combine almost like sheets of yesteryear
hung on the line to dry. A freshness here,
anticipation of her birthday fun.

Granddaughters grow so fast. She’s in that stage
where dolls and teddies still compete with clothes,
lime green her favorite color now. She shows
her readiness for middle school, the page

about to turn. On Saturday her pool
will fill with splashing girls and boys who come
to help her celebrate. This grandma’s numb
with utter disbelief. Who made the rule

that they must leave their childhoods far behind?
I guess for that I’d have to go to church
on Sunday, ask God: How should I now search

to know the answers to such questions? How
am I to understand ships on the sea
or planes that hover in the air? To be
a seeker means, He said, is just to bow

to Me. I hold all answers in My hand.
Please, My sweet child, allow Me, let me give

you all of your desires so you can live.
The world is ordered from the small to grand.

And speaking, as He was, of grand, I said,
“My little granddaughter…” Shh, wait. I made
her, crafted her with skill like Chinese jade.
Don’t question. Watch her grow in faith instead.


A Comedy Tonight

A tragedy it is, when drama’s left to rule my life

And all about the tears I cry, the worries and the strife

What fun that it can be to take the drama all around

And turn it into comedy and laughter, I have found


I know that it’s not easy implementing this ideal

The drama that I sometimes have, is sorrowful and real

I know I must allow myself sometimes to frown and cry

To cry out to my God above and ask, Lord when?  Lord why?


But wallowing is not an option I’ll allow myself

I’ve been there and I’ve done that, now I’ve put it on the shelf

It’s much more fun to smile and laugh, e’en in the midst of pain

And in the end, the difference ‘tween insanity and sane.


So laugh at me, I won’t protest, when I am feeling blue

But don’t forget that I will do the same regarding you

I do not speak of making fun of pain that’s raw, and real

I have a heart that feels for you, it is not made of steel


Above all, may I not forget that kindness matters much

Cold shoulders often harden hearts, not so a gentle touch

This is the day the Lord has made…that’s what I’m talking ’bout

I will rejoice, and glad I’ll be, and of His love I’ll shout!


Blind Faith

If only you would tell me, Lord

The details of this plan of yours

If only you could clue me in…

A little better than you’ve been.


I know full well, you’ve got my back

Although sometimes my face gets smacked

With all the worries and the woes

That make me ache from head to toes


But really, I do not complain

Cause through it all…you do remain

If one thing I have learned is true

It’s always…I can count on you.


So I’ll continue to tread on

Smile on my face, and worry gone

There is no reason e’er to fear

You’ll still be there…and I’ll be here


Thank God for You

Just in case you may have thought

That I got busy and forgot

The kindness that you showed to me

That’s something that will never be


You gave your time, and awesome skill

Discouraged, I had been so ill

Directly answered prayers I spoke

Twas God who sent you, tears I choke


But tears of happiness are they

And gratefulness I cannot say

No words could ever be enough

Still here I try, though it is tough


How can I thank Him, sending you

For something so big, that you’d do?

It was so long, I’d lost my smile

I tell you, it had been awhile


But now that smile is big and bright

And you, I pray for every night

And never will there come a day

When those dear prayers, I won’t say


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