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Watching Me


Look at those eyes



She sits and watches me

She really just wants to play

She is spoiled rotten to be sure

Most days she knows the word STAY


A month or so ago we went to the beach

We both came home tired and wet

I threw and threw as she would run and catch

She  is one amazing pet.


Well we are still suffering five weeks later

Her right shoulder took a beating from all the leaping and landing

My knee is huge and shoulder is sore

Now with the fall while camping the lower leg is as big as the knee


Today we stayed busy putting the yard away for winter

It takes long enough for me  to move about but  now add a frisbee to the mix

How can you say no to this face of hers

Though I will always take advantage of her for yet another picture





Hyper Vigilance in Repose (Penny the Cat)

Penny the Cat is ever vigilant. Many hours a day she stares out the windows watching the movements of all manner of life’s twitterings outside. She meows, paces, cants her head this way and that. If she snoozes, it is out of my sight.

So, the other day, I had my camera in hand and there was Penny upside down, spread out, asleep atop a chair. I approached. She snoozed. Odd. I took a dozen pictures. She yawned, she stretched, she licked her paw, she gazed at me through half open eyes. Penny hadn’t a care in the world. The world was moving along outside without her. A very rare who cares moment from Penny.


Penny Mid-Yawn. Those piercing teeth clearly visible. A little tartar buildup it appears. The hair on the chair makes it evident this is where Penny sometimes lays her head. Vacuuming is in order. Isn’t a good lens so helpful,, if not embarrassing.

A quick grooming lick, the camera clicking away doesn’t alarm her.

Penny, mildly interested, and seemingly saying ‘go away’.


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