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With Tears

“Tears” by Jonathan McCallum


Tears pool, brim and flow onto hands that grasped liquid sweet moments.

Memories frozen into brilliant waterfall within.

Towards my soul’s canyon, your light pours in, revealing precious faces, kind eyes, little hands briefly held.

Traveling through childhood’s mist, middle life forest to foggy old age to reveal a distant eternal land.

With tears. Just seventy years?

Poem by Jonathan McCallum @peoplepoesia



Tears streaming down her face,

Her hands over her ears because the sound was too loud

Flinging herself on the bed

still cringing in disbelief

She can’t take it anymore

She’s tired of hearing people say,

You might as well take a whole  bottle of pills and kill yourself,

Your ungrateful like your mammy,

Look at me when I am talking to you

She is drowning

and everybody that she trusted turned out to be the wrong people

She’s hurt that words can’t describe the feelings in her chest that seems stuck.

Why did she even come home

If she knew this was a continuation

of where she left off at

she would have just stayed

and it wouldn’t have been about a bottle of pills

but someone’s hand of rage

that could have ended it all.


Christmas Memories

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past
What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

Christmas Memories

Christmas used to be so special when I was a little girl growing up with my two brothers.  We had the best tree Dad could find but one year we truly had a very cool tree.  I never knew my parents were cool, I mean really COOL. Yes it was the sixties and that Christmas we saw them set up a funky metal tree.  It came with a color wheel.  Do you know what I mean?  This was something that ran on electricity and had different colored film on it and it would turn our tree Blue then Red I can’t remember all the colors on the wheel but I can tell you our tree was very different compared to the other homes. …

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How to Make a Difference

She is 86 years young. I grew up to this amazing person, my aunt, youngest sister of my mother.

Since I was a toddler, I would walk up the hill to her house, plant flowers with her, watch her can vegetables, help her work in the garden, and help decorate for Christmas.

When I was a young adult, trying to survive a disastrous marriage, be a single mom, work and go to school, she made sure my kids and I had clothes, food, toys. Even today at her last siblings funeral, she smiled at me and said, “Maybe someday I can make up to you all that you have done for me.”

I smiled and quietly whispered, “If I were to live a thousand years I could not begin to make u for all you have done for me.”
I think often of what the world would be like if it were full of people like my aunt. She listens, she cares, she is generous, considerate, loving beyond all reason. I envy her thoughtfulness, honesty, willingness to help, or even to be kind when she disagrees.

If ever there has been a person who is “my precious. Is is my aunt, who is like a “sister”and friend as well. I have shared my joys and sorrows with her, helped her with her ailing elders, and enjoyed visits to her house several times a week, if not more. When I thin of the word, “beautiful”, her face comes to mind. She is the kind of person that makes life worth living on my worst day, a true treasure.

Thanks for being ‘my precious’, Aunt Phib!


20 Lines a Day..Thanksgiving Photo Challenge


I am thankful for the new day…timzauto

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Thanksgiving day is filled with family and friends , I know we are also busy with events , football, eating ..lol and socializing …I would like to challenge you all to just one picture that describes what you are thankful for….so thruout today just snap one picture and post , maybe we all can see the different ways everyone is thankful for….tag your posts with TGphotochallenge so we can check your pics and enjoy your way of being thankful…Thanks for posting and lets get snapping those photos

Weekly Photo Chalenge: Companionable/ My Family Members

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I thought about what you wrote as you put this challenge out to the rest of us.

I have the best Companion in my man but the 30+ years we were apart I gave so much love to all the animals I shared my life with.

So today I am so very happy he is too and these two reap the benefits!

Dog is always with us and the cat follows us around the yard like a dog!


Rhythm is 12 years old and has learned to stop and smell the Flowers!  After all it is Catnip!

JT Close-up


Now 7 but wise beyond her years.

I could not ask for any better companions

I love them so very much as I am certain they love me too.


Real Love FINALLY!!!!

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that day

    She arrives


    through the door

    light on her toes

    despite our

    few days of


    for years the

    weekly ritual.

    Our eyes meet
    grey to grey and
    her skin color mine,
    though reaching down
    to kiss her forehead
    seemed easier that day.

    Hands could always effortlessly wrap around
    my fingertips meeting at her sometimes ponytail,
    or mingling among those tangled golden curls.

    And when did her head snug in at my chest when we hugged?
    Like the kitchen door frame penciled ever higher in our old house,
    maybe our bodies will mark those imperceptable passages now?
    Time it seems to move so slowly until that day, when it doesn’t.

    my first poem
    written April 2012,
    revised April 2013


Major Intersection…….. Wider View



Se what I mean when you do all you can to protect a tree even one as damaged as this one was by that DAMN


Where would they find another home that quick?

Flying ones used to live in my walls,  no I will keep a place for them to eat, drink and sleep but not with me!

Can you imagine the commune they have it that tree, glad they are quiet down inside that tree .

Do you have a tree like this?


I am blessed surly I am, to have this kind of world right outside the window.  I think they like me too.



Falling deep

Thoughts of you haunt my dreams

full-fledged sorrow , to fading extremes

want our lives to be more than most

now our togetherness is only a ghost

time goes on , falling deeper in mind

positive influences I’m starting to find

unplugging my life , all that I knew

the hardest I’ve done , I’m almost through

dark getting brighter , the more that I pray

now I have help , to show me the way

Monday Morning Writing Prompt / Earliest Memories for me

My earliest memory would probably be around 4  or 4 1/2 years old when Dad took us, my brother and I and Mom too, on a drive to look at a new house.

It was 1960 I think.

The road it was on was dirt.

We had to go into a house at the top of the road and we found toads inside.  My brother and I wanted this one!

Dad and Mom didn’t like this one, maybe they hated toads,lol

so we went to the first home on the right down the hill.

They smiled and where happy, no toads or grass,  just dirt but they said it would be our new home.

Funny I do not remember going back to an apartment in the city or my Mom getting ready to have a new baby, till

we moved in to the Grey house ,now with grass and flowers and twin beds for my brother’s room.  See she had the second brother really early

and he was living at a hospital till he was strong, she told us.

Bringing  him home from the hospital was a very, happy day in our new home.

Prompt a Day Month (prompt #8): a journey


so late I can’t do this justice but maybe one of YOU CAN :)

Originally posted on Shoreline Cluster Poets:

For today’s prompt, I want you to write about a journey, preferably a personal one, but fictional is fine too.  Imagine a journey that could take place in the future (like to a distant star or planet), or one that happened in the past (yes, I am reflecting on Columbus Day, and thinking how crazy it must have been to just sail and hope to find land). It could be the journey of how you got where you are in life.

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A Family Plot


Ladd Family Cemetary




Never knew life

Such a sad day it must have been



Colored Granite Grave Markers

Ladd Family Final Resting Place

As Halloween is getting closer these places see much destruction.

Old stones knocked over and broken in two.

Who raises children that seem to think this is something fun to do?

These days the dead do not get much time to REST IN PEACE.

I live beside a beautiful old place of rest and much destruction took place

before I moved here.

I watch over the dead.

Who else would?

I think they deserve respect.

Try to raise your children to respect these places.

As the holiday approaches call the police if you see

something going on in one, as you pass by.



A very special “Fire” quote

Fire : author – Kristin Cashore page 183

web: http://www.kristincashore.blogspot.com


Fire looked at the captain of her guard and laughed, because she wasn’t Cansrel – she wasn’t anyone but herself. She had no one’s path to follow; her path was her own to choose. And then she stopped laughing, because she was terrified of the path she suddenly knew herself to be choosing. I can’t do this, she thought. I’m too dangerous. I’ll only make things worse.

No, she said back to herself. Already I’m forgetting, I’m not Cansrel; at every step on this path I create myself. And maybe I’ll always find my own power horrifying, and maybe I can’t ever be what I’d most like to be.

But I can stay here, and I can make myself into what I should be.

Wise words for us all from a wonderful author.




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