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Fish With Legs

The fish that wished

And did grow legs

Came up from the sea

To walk on land

To see the things

They never before could see.

With wobbly steps

And walking sticks

They wandered through

The streets,

Encountering a million things

They never had imagined.

With open eyes

Wide as the sky

They looked upon the earth.

Once they had their fill

They longed to return

To the sea

Too much land and air,

They wanted the cool escape

Of a watery embrace.

They reached the water’s edge

Came to only find

No longer did they know

How to live

Part of the sea

Their legs,

Could not be wished away.

Now those fish

With legs

Walk along the oceans edge

Wishing for a way

To get back what they let go

Find a way home

To the deep darkness of the sea.

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Fresh Fish Anyone



Fresh Fish





Have you heard about Brown’s Seafood?

Pretty popular place to eat Seafood.

On this day the patrons seemed to get more than they

had come for.  We pulled up to get a bite to eat and had forgotten

about the Full Moon and High Tide.  We had the 4×4 truck

and would have been fine except I found myself refusing to wade through

THAT to park and go in and eat.

I know you thought I was Fearless



Eyes turn to stare
At the new fish on the street

Dirty brown, ragged, dusty, filthy.
A pure-bred,
A perfect addition to their collection
In the tank.

Joining the ranks of four others,
A school, lined up in neat row.
Body after body after body after body after body
Resting on their tails – fish have no legs.

More eyes stare.

Their mouths open and close – but no one hears.
Fish make no noise.

Their eyes plead as yet another cent drops, more, more, they cry! – but
Fish have no choice.

Their scales flinch as a stray coin hits them – but no one cares.
Fish have no voice.

The water engulfs them,
Hundred pairs of huge eyes are magnified
Inspecting the fish.

A fish bubbles – his final one -
The reverie breaks, the other fish scatter,
And the people walk away to their lunches in fancy restaurants
Fish and chips, nicely buttered.

Wrong! Just wrong….. Artist’s are never given credit for the work they do.


What could be the possible reason to place such pretty pieces of ART  and not block the

ugliness of the  electrical boxes and AC units for this building.


No matter how much I loved  VA Beach,  there is so much more people in charge could do with a little common sense.


Favorite Roadway

You all here know I love the sea

but some will see there is more to me.

I love the mountains in Spring, Summer and Fall

you will never find me here come winter,  well ok if it 50

degrees maybe I will take a ride towards here.

We follow the Kanc as locals here in NH call a section

of RTE 112.   Have you ever traveled up here in the NH

White Mountain  National Forest?  Do you remember hearing

about our states symbol, The  Old Man on the Mountain  falling( it was a rock formation)?

There are lots of things to do and see up here during all of our four seasons.

Hiking, camping, swimming and fishing oh and yes skiing too.

Not for me mind you but the highways are packed every

Friday night with people headed north, to do what it is that is their favorite pastime.

My favorite would be hiking and camping with a nice fire at the end of a long day.

Stories being told,  laughter heard as we sit under the millions of stars overhead.

Don’t forget to check it out when you are up in New England.  Sit along a stream

and you might even see ME  I will be the one with the CAMERA , lol

This photo is of our changing leaves,  though this one is of  PEAK COLOR which has passed

since fall is coming and I want you to come see NH for yourself, OK Vermont and Maine too.

MA ,CT and RI will be behind us for foliage by a few weeks to almost a month, so

Plan your trip accordingly .

Enjoy your fall and cooler temps.

I will have Chili on the stove,  Apple Cider too, simmering away.

OH  how I love the fall in New England.


Seduction in a Hot Skirt

Hot colors shimmy and pulse in the flow. 

Hot colors swing across their view.

Primeval beauty moves to inspect. 

A force up your arm, is transferred into your soul.

Addiction is met by beauty more powerful than you.


If You Could Be…

A teacher at the school where I taught used to go around asking people questions such as:

If you were a fish, what kind would you be?
If you were a tree, what would you be?
If you were a drink, what would you be?

OK, you get the idea. So for today, and just for fun, if you were a light, what kind of light would you be?

(I’d be moonlight. There are so many other kinds of light. Think outside the box.)

What kind of light would you be?


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