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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

In the wee morning hours, perch fishing on the lakeshore of Lake Michigan in Chicago can be a solitary pursuit. This jaunt down to the lake did not produce a catch, however the experience for my grandson was memorable.



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Seduction & Release


My senses, my perceptions, borne by intuition

want, no crave, to gaze upon

that beauty that calls for recognition.

Such is the euphoria that causes me to don

the garb, to encounter that perfection

and throw the line, to seek that connection.

Oh what exhilaration I feel

when I turn on the reel.

The art has been applied for seduction

and the release has been given in admiration. 

Beauty in the Details

Beauty in the Details (SwittersB)

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

I had taken some macro photos of a fly pattern, while wet, to check on the colors under those conditions. Later, I took another shot of the same fly while it was dry. Or, almost dry. That delicate little drop out on the very tip of the pheasant tail fiber caught my eye. A small detail lost to my eye, but for the camera lens. 


Feeding Time


A friends Koi pond at feeding time.

Boy are they BIG

She keeps them alive or tries to,  in the basement of her

house,  in tubs with air .


Yesterday I blogged  “Bedroom with a view”  about the

Great Blue Heron and then another blogger   motherhoodisanart

told me how much a Heron loved her Koi too.


This blogging reminded me of my friend,  who called early one morning a few years ago,

crying. I asked her if she was OK and if there was anything I could do

to help.  She stopped crying and said “Yes, come get your DAMN Heron” lol

sorry for laughing but MY HERON,  seems my river hunter was tired of  all the flooding and  with water to deep ,

as well as full of Beaver #&%#,   he went down the street to a nice clean pond

and proceeded to catch and eat her prized Koi.  I told you we could do without BEAVERS  and the trouble they cause! lol

motherhoodisanart sorry for your Koi , you got photos too,  she on the other hand still thinks I should have  made  him stay in  MY YARD.





Ode To A Steelhead


With much anticipation,

one takes time off from work.

The motivation, the preparation

is to be standing in the river when you feel the jerk.

The river runs smooth

as it runs toward the ocean.

Your intent is not to soothe

your needs, but to take your devotion

from first light until dark

and hopefully feel the commotion. 

The Poetry Challenge for the Week


Seduction in a Hot Skirt

Hot colors shimmy and pulse in the flow. 

Hot colors swing across their view.

Primeval beauty moves to inspect. 

A force up your arm, is transferred into your soul.

Addiction is met by beauty more powerful than you.

Somethings So Obvious

Some Things So Obvious (SwittersB)

All those admonitions or reminders to stop and take in the beautiful and worthy right in front of you are sometimes lost when we are focused upon only a portion of what surrounds us. Here I stopped to take a photograph of a beautiful old growth tree along the Salmon River in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

I had often hiked this trail and skirted around the beautiful old tree, because my attention was always turned to the right, toward an access trail down to the river. My focus always intent on preparation, anticipation for seeking a fish, studying the seams, the holding water….missing the tree.

This day, I intended to continue straight ahead. The beautifully barked tree caught the light and my notice.


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