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Cell Phone Rose

Cell Phone Rose SBI was walking out the front door and noticed the Mr. Lincoln rose was particularly beautiful. I used my cell phone to snap a pic. The water droplets didn’t come through as crisp as I would have liked…you can see the sheen of the droplets. This rose is a fragrant reminder of my mom’s love of roses. First generated in 1964, the rose was transplanted from my folk’s house after their deaths and the sale of their home.

I shall visit and lay fresh flowers down – Poetry of loss (Re-posted from ramblingsfromamum)

I kneel upon blades of grass that are crisp and cold upon my skin

I wrap my arms around me tight & quiver against the wind

I lift my head to the dark sky above & shut my eyes tightly

And draw in a breath which makes my body shiver slightly


The rain starts to fall & hits upon my cheek

I wipe the drops of cold & wet away

My brow rubbed with back of hand

I bend my head to pray


I know that you aren’t with me

But I see you in my dreams

I beseech that you are peaceful

But my life is not as it seems


You think after so long,that I am happy?

How can you possibly understand

You are the one who enriched my life 

Why can’t I hear your laughter or gently take your hand


I long to hear your voice once more

Or to share your laugh & smile

I want to share these tears that fall

To say me living is worthwhile


I shall visit & lay fresh flowers down

And shall talk & tell you of my day

And wish that you could answer me

I must pretend I can, let me have my way


So for now I lay fresh flowers down

And reverie of what would have been

And caress & tend your grave each day

Inhale deep, with eyes shut tight & dream


But wait I can see your beautiful smile I hear you speak my name 

I feel the ring you place upon my finger, a simple band of gold

To have & to hold from this day forward our love was ours to claim

To wed & live together young & then to die together old


But for now I lay fresh flowers down

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Soft petal of the fallen flower…

A soft petal of the fallen flower

still spreads its fragrance

soon it is going to dissolve in earth

die and get buried, as we say it

but don’t forget- a new life will spring up

here where the fallen flower lies

with its soft petal which is

spreading its last bit of fragrance.


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