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Counting Days

Crescendos toward December sound, like wind
a-whooshing through the fall toward winter’s blast.
All elm tree foliage has come unpinned
and ground is covered in those crisps that last

until the earth’s adorned in gowns of white.
We march to our Thanksgiving, make big plans,
then Christmas shows its colors day and night.
We gather families and our friends, our clans

to celebrate. But what of days between?
What ordinary Tuesday strikes a chord
of music, makes us polish to a sheen
our house? We are the lady and the lord

of this, our manor, and we do not wait
for special times. Each one is special, yes,
and so we dust it off and note the date.
A tree, lake, note, a word means more, not less

as time plods on. Or does time race? I hold
the precious close without apology,
for I can feel it. I am getting old.
Please keep the lights bright on my life’s marquee.


Autumn at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

This week, I wasn’t feeling too inspired by the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  Although I’ve seen some great photos around the topic of “Mine”, it just isn’t for me.  Instead, I’ve opted to join in on Where’s My Backpack’s weekly photo challenge of foliage.

I chose a few photos from my visit to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden last November. Even though these were taken last fall, you will still see plenty of green leaves adorning the trees and assorted plants in these photos.  While we do get a fair share of orange and yellow leaves in autumn out here in the desert, it’s not as widespread as say, the East Coast.  What stands out to me is that the sunlight is more subdued in the fall as opposed to the summertime.

If you want to join in on this challenge, check out http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/28/travel-theme-foliage/


Favorite Roadway

You all here know I love the sea

but some will see there is more to me.

I love the mountains in Spring, Summer and Fall

you will never find me here come winter,  well ok if it 50

degrees maybe I will take a ride towards here.

We follow the Kanc as locals here in NH call a section

of RTE 112.   Have you ever traveled up here in the NH

White Mountain  National Forest?  Do you remember hearing

about our states symbol, The  Old Man on the Mountain  falling( it was a rock formation)?

There are lots of things to do and see up here during all of our four seasons.

Hiking, camping, swimming and fishing oh and yes skiing too.

Not for me mind you but the highways are packed every

Friday night with people headed north, to do what it is that is their favorite pastime.

My favorite would be hiking and camping with a nice fire at the end of a long day.

Stories being told,  laughter heard as we sit under the millions of stars overhead.

Don’t forget to check it out when you are up in New England.  Sit along a stream

and you might even see ME  I will be the one with the CAMERA , lol

This photo is of our changing leaves,  though this one is of  PEAK COLOR which has passed

since fall is coming and I want you to come see NH for yourself, OK Vermont and Maine too.

MA ,CT and RI will be behind us for foliage by a few weeks to almost a month, so

Plan your trip accordingly .

Enjoy your fall and cooler temps.

I will have Chili on the stove,  Apple Cider too, simmering away.

OH  how I love the fall in New England.







The clock ticks out the hours around its face,
the repetition without grace.
Yes, I’ve been here before
through nighttime’s door,
a case

of dejà vu I can no longer shake.
The never-ending circlings take
me to the mornings, nights
in all its flights.
The rake

and sweep reorganize off-kilter life,
removing all the fear and strife.
Upon each phase’s stage
I turn the page.
No knife

cuts into well-filled mornings, afternoons
or midnights. Perfect timing croons
its melody, the song
that rights all wrong
and tunes

the orchestra of minutes into hours.
Vast gardens show their blooming bowers
with foliage and tree.
Take time to see
these flowers.



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